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46 Self Publishing Companies in India. And how to choose the right one.

Writing is hard. Getting published is harder.

Well, it was. Till we got self publishing companies in India. India has an enormous number of writers and only a handful of literary agents / traditional publishing houses in India. So the competition is ridiculously high. Starting with the slush piles on the editors’ desks till the final acceptance email, it is one long painful wait. Great work is often rejected.

Furthermore, if one is lucky enough to get a traditional book publishing deal, control is limited. Traditional publishers take their own sweet time to publish, and an author’s (lack of ) control over marketing a book can be frustrating. All these can add to the wait and worries of getting published.

But not anymore. In a world of instant food and instant fame – self publishing is like the instant publishing option for writers.

With the plethora of options available for a writer to get published at the click of a button, your book can be available globally now in a matter of a few hours. (With some basic preparations of course – which includes it is publishing-ready in terms of editing and a cover)

The process of self publishing is very simple. It involves-

Step: 1 – Editing

Step: 2 – Typesetting / Formatting 

Step : 3 – Blurb and Author Bio

Step: 4 – Cover Designing

That’s it. Your book is ready to be published. 

Oops! I forgot to add here the most important thing needed in the process of self publishing.

To start with the process of self publishing you will first need a good book. Yes! You heard me right. A poorly written book, which is badly edited will not become a best-seller despite being marketed extensively. So keeping aside what self publishing houses in India can offer to an author in terms of services, the first and foremost thing we will need is a strong book with a great story that is properly edited. 

Now that we have ensured we have the book in place, let me take you through the process of self publishing.

What do Self Publishing Companies in India do?

Self publishing companies in India offer various options for publishing to an author which can be availed at a cost.

To explain it in simpler terms, this way of publishing requires the author to make an investment towards the printing, marketing, and/or distribution of the book, either directly or indirectly.

Self Publishing Companies take your manuscript and help you make it publishing-ready by following the usual process of editing, typesetting, cover designing, and printing. Largely this is what their job compromises of. But today, the self publishing companies in India are offering a lot more than these basic requirements of an author. 

Many of these self  publishing companies in India also offer distribution and marketing services at an additional cost which includes things like digital marketing, the inclusion of the title in Amazon Prime, Email marketing, building an author website, book trailer, audiobook release, international distribution, book launch events, media coverage, etc.

Taking author branding and recognition very seriously, some of them even have options for awards and nominations also added to their packages. 

However, this is something that has been a topic of discussion quite a lot. As if choosing between Traditional Publishing and self-publishing wasn’t enough, now you have to make a choice between the many options provided by self-publishing companies in India.

Irrespective of what anyone says, remember you are the best judge to decide which method of publishing is best for you.

Weighing in all the pros and cons, you can choose what you think matches your exact requirements in terms of publishing, printing, distribution, and marketing.

They are all equally important for a writer. 

Simply put, it is like making your own cup of coffee. There is no right or wrong here. It is just what you want!

Self Publishing Houses in India

Writers, who are already calculating the monetary aspect of this exercise, there is some good news for you as well. 

Some of these self publishing companies in India have gone a step further and also offered crowd-funding for your book. A very popular concept internationally, I was very excited on seeing this at least being talked about on these sites. Basically crowdfunding a book means you create a proposal for a book you have already written, get an estimate of the cost involved to publish it, and then create a campaign for it on Crowdfunding platforms like Ketto, Go Fund me, etc. where you seek funding for these expenses. But in India, it works slightly differently.

When you opt for crowd-funding through these self publishing companies in India, some of them insist on a certain number of pre-orders for the book to be released. So basically, till you gather the required number of pre-orders, your book is on their website but in the Pre-orders section.

You can read more about crowd-funding your books through self publishing companies in India through these links.

Types of Self Publishing in India

There are various ways to opt for self publishing in India.

  • DIY publishing – As the name suggests it is a Do-it-Yourself style of self-publishing where their team is not available to help you on any front. You can custom create from the choices available on their website and publish your book.
  • Print-Publishing – The book will be available in print format.
  • Digital publishing – In this, they publish only an E-book and release it in PDF, .mobi or e-pub format on various digital platforms (including their own)
  • Self- Publishing – In this option, an author literally does everything on their own which includes hiring an editor, a cover designer, a printer, stocking the books, listing them up on online portals like Amazon, dispatching when they receive an order, marketing, promoting, etc. A completely hands-on experience for an author which has utmost transparency but also is extremely time-taking. 
  • Print-on-Demand Publishing – There are no ready stocks of your book made available anywhere including with the publisher. Every time someone places an order a copy will be printed and then dispatched to the buyer. This makes this option slightly costlier than the rest. 

There are multiple reasons why these days an author opts for self publishing a book in India. We have explored this at length in our blogpost A Beginner’s Guide to Self Publishing in India.

While there are many hybrid publishing houses also in India, who offer both traditional and self publishing options to authors, we will not be talking about them in this list. You can check our list of traditional publishing houses in India to know more about them. This list is only of self publishing companies in India. 

For ease of understanding, we have segregated this list into 4 categories based on the different types of publishing options offered by each of these self publishing houses in India.

  1. Print-Publishing – This means your book will only be available in print format (paperback and/or hardcover).
  2. Print + E-book Publishing – This means your book will be available in both print (paperback and/or hardcover) and electronic formats.
  3. Print + E-book and Print-on-Demand publishing– This means your book will be available in print(paperback and/or hardcover), electronic and you can also opt for print-on-demand.
  4. Only Digital Publishing – This means your book will be available only in electronic format.

Before sharing the list, some disclaimers:

  • This list is a ready reckoner for authors who are looking for self publishing companies in India. Himalayan Writing Retreat has no affiliation with any of the publishing houses.
  • The names have been shared randomly. Their order of appearance doesn’t signify their ranking or preference.
  • Please go through the details provided on the website of the respective self publishing companies in India before submitting your manuscript. Himalayan Writing Retreat does not take any responsibility for its credibility or deliverables.
  • Please note, as always, this list is dynamic and we will keep updating it from time to time.
  • If you are an author published through a self publishing company in India that is not a part of this list, please let us know in the comments below.
  • If you are a self publishing company in India we have missed adding to this list, do share your details with us in the comments below to be added to this list.
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Who are the various self publishing companies in India?

Print Publishing

Writers Workshop India

Goya Publishing

They offer self-publishing services in all Indian languages apart from English.

Orange Publishers

Publishing Xpress


  • Origin: India
  • Submission Guidelines: Wordsbrew
  • Best-selling authors: Devanshi Prabhakar, Omkar Kaul, Kshitij Sinha, Rajinder Kumar, etc.

Author’s Tree Publishing

Print + Ebook Publishing

Blue Hill Publications

Become Shakespeare


Clever Fox Publishing

  • Origin: Chennai
  • Year/Date of inception of the publishing house: 2017
  • Accepted Categories: All
  • Genres:  All
  • Publishing packages: https://www.cleverfoxpublishing.com/our-packages/
  • Submission guidelines:
    Step 1: The author needs to register an author account on this link. https://www.cleverfoxpublishing.com/portal/author/signup
    Step 2: Their publishing consultant will communicate with them and activate their author account.
    Step 3: Once the account is activated the author needs to submit the book publishing form from the dashboard. It takes 48 hours for them to review and confirm if the book is accepted or rejected for publication. 
    Step 4: If accepted for publication, their consultant will communicate and help the author in completing the contract and other formalities.
  • Best Selling Author(s):  Some of our best-selling authors are Siddharth Rajsekar, Vikram Khaitan, Eshwarmurthy G Pillai, VK Sharma, Dinesh Sahay, Bharath Shenoy,  RaghuRam Ananthoj

Inkart Publishing

Evincepub Publishing

Notion Press

Partridge Publishing

Power Publishers

Blue rose Publishers 

Damick Publications

Pencil Publishing

Free Self Publishing

Firstdraft Publishers

Lapsus Creations

Author’s Ink


Starlet Publishing

Happy Self Publishing

  • Origin: India
  • Submission Guidelines: Happy Self Publishing
  • Best-selling authors: Tapan Patel, Charlene Hickey, Timothy Noble, etc.

Writer’s Pocket Publishing

BFC Publications

The Write Place

The Write Order

Ukiyoto Publishing

  • Origin: MNC
  • Submission Guidelines: Submission | Ukiyoto
  • Best-selling authors: Shruti Dhora Mohar, Sharmin Jeet, Lia De Jesus, etc.

Zorba Books

Think Tank Books

  • Origin: India
  • Submission guidelines: Brief synopsis, author CV, and full manuscript
  • Best Selling Author(s):  Gaurav Sharma, Lovey Chaudhary, and Hasina Saiyeda.

Print+ Ebook Publishing and Print-on-Demand Publishing

Cinnamon Teal


  • Origin: India
  • Submission Guidelines: User account | Pothi.com
  • Best-selling authors: Meghna Subramaniam, V. Ravi, Prashanta Sarkar, etc.

Manojvm Publishing House

White Falcon Publishing

  • Origin: India
  • Submission Guidelines: Plans | White Falcon Publishing
  • Best-selling authors: Khemlata Negi, Imagine Singh, Parteek Sharma, Veena Kapur, etc.

Keemiya Creatives

Online Gatha

Only Digital Publishing


Juggernaut Publishing

  • Origin: India
  • Submission Guidelines: Juggernaut Books
  • Best-selling authors: Sudeshna Ghosh, Anukriti Prasad, etc.



  • Origin : India
  • Submission Guidelines: Login – Readomania
  • Best-selling authors: Rituparna Ghosh, Shamik Dhar, Shivani Gupta etc.

Readict Novel

  • Origin: MNC
  • Submission Guidelines: Readict Novel
  • Best-selling authors: Hina Shaikh, Anna Kendra, etc.


How to submit your manuscript to Self Publishing companies in India?

Self publishing houses in India have no specific submission guidelines or procedures. Most of them encourage direct talks and hence actively share email addresses and telephone numbers on their sites encouraging authors to contact them directly. Some even have Contact Us forms where you can fill in your details and request them to get in touch with you.

write that book
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What are the requirements of Self Publishing companies in India?

Most of these self publishing houses have no specific requirements when it comes to genres and categories. They accept all types of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s writing, technical and academic writing. Further, some of them have even expanded into offering publishing services in Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, etc.

What are the services offered by Self Publishing companies in India?

Most of the sites of the self publishing houses are user-friendly and have a lot of FAQs to help an author understand what they are offering and at what cost. Apart from their packages they also have different types of calculators for royalty and author earnings to help you get an idea about the cost involved in getting published. We recommend reading all the information provided and using all the available tools to make a well-analyzed and calculated decision.

According to industry experts, the major drawback self-publishing houses in India have is sales and distribution. Poor editing quality comes a close second. There have been many authors who have highlighted the non-deliverance of the marketing support they were not only assured but adequately charged for while opting for their publishing package. However, the number of happy and satisfied authors is equally high.

This clearly implies that one needs to have a clear understanding of not only what they want for their book but also how much is enough in terms of spending for your book. The self publishing houses in India can provide great support but the results are not something anyone can guarantee. Not even you!

How to choose from various Self Publishing companies in India?

While it is important to know what self publishing houses in India are offering in terms of services and support but at the same time, it is equally important to know what YOU can do for promoting the book.

For any publishing house, your book will be one of the many books they will be publishing that month/year. But for you, this is THE book you always dreamed of. The one you wanted to write about all your life. One that you believe can not only change your life but also of the readers. So, the amount of effort you will do to promote this book will always be unmatched.

Start with making a list of things you can do at your end to promote the book, design a marketing plan and see which areas you need external support. By areas, we do not mean basic publishing activities like editing, typesetting, cover designing, and printing the book. We are referring to various promotional activities like Social Media Marketing, Amazon promotions, Book Trailers, etc. Based on these areas analyze the services offered by the self publishing houses in India and voila! you have your winner.


Strangely enough, there is a lot of taboo associated with being a self-published author. Not to forget the many literary fests, magazines, and even awards that do not encourage participation from self-published authors. The media is also not too friendly towards reviewing books that have been self-published.

But I am glad to say, things definitely seem to be changing for the better. It might actually sound surprising, but a lot of traditionally published authors have also been exploring self-publishing through Amazon KDP because of the freedom it brings along. This includes some of the best-selling authors of India like Preeti Shenoy, Neil D’silva, Arjun Raj Gaind, Debeshi Gooptu, etc.

While that remains a debate for another day, as an author who tried self-publishing her debut book all I can say is that there is no shame in being a self-published author. Believing in your own work is a great deal for any artist and so is wanting to see your name in print. Self-publishing makes it both possible and hence, is a highly lucrative option for any author who can afford these services and are able to make the most of it.


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39 Responses

    1. Difficult to choose the top 3 self-publishing companies in India from the list.

      It depends on what criteria they are being compared upon.

      That is the reason, even in this post – we emphasize how an author should know what is that they want from this publishing exercise and see if a particular publisher (Self / traditional) is able to support you enough to get that desired result.

    1. They offer all types of self-publishing options which include DIY which means without any assistance from their team and partnered publishing (which involves assistance from their team) apart from Traditional Publishing. Some of the authors published by them include famous singer Anup Jalota and Sonu Sharma (a prominent motivational speaker)

      You can know more about them and submit your manuscript through this link: https://invinciblepublishers.com/

  1. Hello Aditya,

    I understand that finding the best and reliable publisher might be tricky. I am a writing enthusiast myself and have invested a great deal of time and effort in the literature industry.

    The much I have figured out so far, the three most reliable publishing houses from this list are as follows:

    1. Blue Hill Publications
    2. Notion Press and
    3. Blue Rose Publishing

    These three publishing houses are by far the most reliable. While Notion Press and Blue Rose, deals with a huge number of books, their quality sometimes gets compromised for understandable reasons but Blue Hill Publications https://bluehillpublications.in/ only accepts the books they find worth publishing. So, in my opinion, if you want your book to be published without quality getting compromised at any point in time, Blue Hill is the way to go.

    I hope this helps.

    1. I had to withdraw my book from Blue Hills after “Print-on-demand” was published. I had to struggle for months for publication. I had to chase at every stage. When the book was published, I was not satisfied with the quality. There was a blunder in the list of contents. I did not get the marketing support promised in the “Silver Package” for which I had paid more than Rs. 15,000/-. It was difficult to search paperback on Amazon.in. Ultimately, in Feb 2022 I purchased all paperbacks from Amazon and asked Blue Hills not to anything. I lost More than Rs. 16000/-. The next experience with another “publisher” was worse.

      1. Hello Devendra,

        I am not sure what went wrong with your project at Blue Hill Publications as I have been publishing my books with them for over two years now and till date, I have no complaints whatsoever. They are prompt, devoted and their quality standards are high. What I find surprising after reading your comment here is your claim to have published your book under “Print-on-demand” with Blue Hill, but as much as I know about them, they don’t even have the option for “Print-on-demand” publishing. In the other hand, you wrote that you paid Rs. 15,000/- and then you wrote that you lost more than Rs. 16,000/-, I find it kind-of fishy, please don’t mind.

        I hope it is not an act to defame Blue Hill because I trust Blue Hill completely.

      2. Blue hill publications is one of the best publication I have worked with. Their entire team is very professional and best in the industry. Thier printing quality is best just as a traditional publishing. I have published my first book SHE IS MY MOM authored by me (Jyothsna) from them. They update you in timely manner and respond to your queries professionally. My second book HOW I SAVED THE ANTS ! is getting published by them again and I will choose them for my future projects too. I just love thier service. I recommend thier service for aspiring authors. I recommend blue hill publications.

  2. I am looking for freelance editing/proofreading jobs online.

    I have edited one book and ghostwritten 3 theses, with extensive research, which were received well.

    Please let me know if you offer such opportunities.


    1. Hi Sarah,

      We do not provide any opportunities. But we do have a list of editors on our website, for writers who are looking to work with freelance editors. (HERE: https://www.himalayanwritingretreat.com/book-editors-in-india/)

      You can share your details with us through this form: https://forms.gle/YVYyRF5738i8d46b8 (It is also available at the end of the post on Editors in India) and we will add them to the list so that anyone can reach you directly in case they want to work with you.

  3. BLUE ROSE Publishers are robbing authors with high prices and extremely poor service. they collect money and stop answering calls. Many authors had to struggle to get their book publishers.

  4. I am a retired Engineer. I have written down my experience on travelling to Kailash-Manas via Tibet in the year 2018. I am looking for a reliable self publishing house who can really produce a quality product . Any idea about “ Asian Press “ ? Please help me in identifying a reliable publisher.

    1. Congratulations on your book!

      We have no feedback to share on Asian Press. And also, we have not worked with any of these self-publishing companies to recommend one strongly. Though we do hear good things about Happy Self Publishing.

      We would encourage you to choose a publishing house only after analyzing their services vis-a-vis your needs for the book. We have discussed this at length here: https://www.himalayanwritingretreat.com/self-publishing-companies-in-india/#How_to_choose_from_various_Self_Publishing_companies_in_India

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for sharing this information. We will check it out and add the details to the list.

  5. Hi!

    I have just recently put up my book on Bollywood Caricatures (Volume I) for self-publication on Amazon’s eBook and paperback versions. As with other first time authors, I too did not do a complete research, but only partially, since there’s a lot of data to be read and it creates unnecessary confusion at the start (when I had the idea in my mind and had the content work in progress). I came to know later that there’s no paperback printing in India through Amazon! Even the author copies are available to them on order based on the printing cost, but what hurts more is the shipping costs, for a $15 List Price of the book, the shipping cost is about $16-$17, so total cost of the book for one copy of the paperback version to be received in India goes to about INR 2300!!! Moreover, the book is thin, and I am afraid the idea about paperback through Amazon publishing may fail for those ordering from India. As somebody in the audience said, it’s almost impossible for audience to purchase paperback version from India through Amazon, forget about the Indian author himself/herself, it is highly difficult to order author copies because of the price!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience. We understand that Amazon will be launching it’s Print-on-demand service in India also in the next few months. Hopefully, once that happens, things will change. For now, we understand that Pothi, Notion press and other self-publishing companies offer Print on demand services as well. You can evaluate those as a substitute. All the best!

    1. Hi,

      We are working on a list of Hindi publishers. It should be live on our blog soon.

      Thank you.

    2. Dear Dr Mayank

      It is really good to know that people like you are giving importance to our ‘Matra Bhasha’ and writing books in the same language. We at Damick Publications also publish Hindi Books. You are most welcome to get your Hindi book Published with us.

      Good Luck.

  6. Hi
    You have shared excellent list of self publishing and print on demand services providers, and it is very helpful for the people who are looking for digital publishing services, you what we are also one of the best digital publication companies in India and we provide end to end accessibility and XML, Transactional services too. Mean while please do visit our site: https://acruxorg.com/

  7. Thank you for this extensive list. Your blogs are really helpful for budding authors.

    There’s a term you get to hear a lot these days — Partner Publishing/ Hybrid Publishing. A lot of agents I have contacted use them. Also, there are publishing houses using these terms. I personally find them similar to self-publishing.

    I’d love to know your thoughts about them. Or maybe a compilation partner publishers in India.

    Thanks )

  8. This is the single most comprehensive list I’ve come across regarding self-publishing. I really appreciate you for the time and effort you’ve out into this. In my search for my first publisher, I did come across a publisher, not listed in this article. Could you please check them out and give us a review? Book Leaf Publishing – https://www.bookleafpub.in/

    Thanks again

  9. Really appreciate the amount of work you have put in providing details of so many publishers involved in self publishing. I know it is difficult to rank or rate but something of that sort would have been of great help.

  10. Come to think of it, printing online has become a mainstream thing and nobody gets too much surprised when it’s mentioned. If you look closely, then you will be able to find multiple places where online printing services are thoroughly utilized.

  11. I’m being guided by an invisible force to get my stories published. How ? I’ve absolutely no idea ! Scope ??

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