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Writing was a lonely profession. Every writer has to sit at her desk and write/type in isolation to ensure her dream idea turns into a book. An author lives in her own head, talks to imaginary characters, and is often considered a recluse. But writers are humans, and all humans seek out their own ilk.

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22 Writing Groups in India

As an author, the importance of book reviews is often not understood. Marketing your book needs as much thought from an author as writing your book. I know most writers don’t want to hear that, but there are ways to do it. Most book marketing plans emphasize getting book reviews. In this article I dig

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Importance of Book Reviews to sell books in India

Kids are born storytellers. Writing courses for kids help them master this art.   They have the unique ability to create stories out of nothing. Be it while playing blocks. Or while chatting with their friend. Their stories are endless. Writing is a life-skill today – a core skill for any field a child may

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14 Writing Courses for Kids in India

Before we share a list of places to submit children’s writing in India, let’s talk a bit about Children’s writing in India.   Introduction In the last few years, books by young adults have flooded the Indian literary scene. There is a significant surge in the number of young authors published in India. To name

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16 Places to Submit Children’s Writing in India