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“Writing is the hardest way of earning a living, with the possible exception of wrestling alligators.” Or so claimed Olin Miller. He had a point- writing can be a difficult job. The creative process is only half the battle. After that, you have to try to get your writing out there, build a reader base, and

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8 Free Writing Platforms in India

Did you know 50%-90% of the non-fiction books in the bestsellers list have been ghostwritten? (Source: How Common are Ghostwriters? | Professional Ghost)Ghostwriting is one of the literary world’s worst-kept secrets. Everyone knows it. Many dabble in it. Some have opted for it. But almost no one wants to talk about it. As a business

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11 Secrets of Ghostwriting in India

For an increasing number of visitors to Bengaluru and those who love to read, no trip is complete without a visit to the bookstores of Church Street and adjacent roads in the heart of the city. Over the last few decades, enterprising booksellers, most of whom started as footpath book and magazine sellers, have built establishments

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One bookstore, many faces. Meet Bahuroopi of Bengaluru

A book review is an evaluation of a book. It includes its strengths and weaknesses, context, and your own opinion. It can be a great way to recommend a book or offer insights into your experience as a reader. So, what is a great book review? Introduction to a great book review A great book

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14 Tips to Help you Write a Great Book Review

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