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Pictures can transform a piece of writing – or really bring home a point. This recent article I wrote for Outlook Magazine is a good case in point. The article is about the Chamoli flood that happened on Feb 7, 2021. Amongst the points it makes is this: the state of Uttarakhand is a very

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Writing is hard. Getting published is harder. Well, it was. Till we got self publishing houses in India. Given the number of literary agents we have for representing an author’s work and traditional publishing houses in India vis-à-vis the number of writers who want to be published authors, it is obvious that the competition to

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So, you have finished your book, and you want to send it out into the world. Publishing your manuscript as an eBook on Amazon is a great way to do it. It’s a hassle-free process and will help your book reach millions of readers across the globe. As an author of four books, I understand

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Does ‘Write a book’ feature in your list for Things-to-do in 2021? Are you dreaming of getting published in India soon? I don’t blame you for answering yes to that one. I am guilty of it too! After all, it’s that time of the year. Despite all the negativity of 2020, nothing stops hope. We

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