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Hindi storytelling has been transformed over the past 2-3 decades. Hindi literary writing has always had it’s stars, but new media like Web-series, cinema and even stand-up have taken Hindi storytelling to a whole new level of creativity. Contemporary Hindi current writing goes well past the cliches of the सास-बहु serial or the brothers “

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21 Literary Magazines in Hindi– Publish Poetry, Short Stories, and Non-fiction Online

Whether it was the job-seeking immigrants who flocked to Delhi beginning in the 1950s or the forced influx in the aftermath of the Partition, Delhi has been a city that had its doors open for everyone.It is no surprise therefore that two of the oldest bookstores in the capital were set up by immigrants. Considering

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Story of the Bookstores in Delhi

It is a generally accepted fact that reading is one of the best ways to spend your time.  Who doesn’t love curling up around a favourite book after a hard day? Or being so consumed by a fictional world that reality is all but forgotten? For writers though, reading has an added dimension- the chance

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Read like a writer in 12 simple ways

Before we talk about who a writing buddy is and how they can help you write more and better, let’s talk a bit about writing. Writing is a lonely journey and if you are not a full-time writer, it is even more so.  There are many excuses to not write and the temptation to succumb, high.

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Does a Writing Buddy help you Write Better, Write More?

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