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So you’re on your way to becoming an author. Congratulations! The next step is to figure out how to get people to find you and your book. Enter author’s website. The first place people look for an author or a book is the internet. There are many ways to create a striking presence online. Some

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12 Tips to Make an Author’s Website in India

Introduction to writing as a career in India You love words. Writing is one of your favourite pastimes. But, as you grow older, you start to realise that there is often a fixed image surrounding the use of the words ‘writing’ and ‘career’ in the same sentence. The image of someone holed away in a

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Writing as a career in India- 5 options

One of the dreams of anyone aspiring to write is that they don’t have to worry about keeping a job to pay the bills. Writing grants allows one to do that. In the last two years, the pandemic situation has affected many writing grants / fellowship programs. However, some writing grants have risen beyond that

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38 Writing Grants in India

Introduction to young authors of India Young authors of India are slowly gaining more recognition, as their voices present a new perspective on conventional everyday topics, and their originality makes for novels that are profound and inspiring. More opportunities are beginning to open up for those in the younger generation who want to pursue writing

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14 Young Authors of India – The Voice of Tomorrow