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With so many publishing options available at your fingertips, now you can be a published author in the blink of an eye. However, writing a book is no mean feat. One needs a whole team of people to work on the book after having written it, to make it presentable to the audience. Editors, proofreaders,

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After having published a dozen books with leading publishing houses in the country, why did I self-publish? The answer is simple. Three things happened with the book I self-published.One, it was a book that I was really, really confident about. Two, my readers wanted this book badly, as it was part of a series that they

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find Pictures can transform a piece of writing – or really bring home a point. This recent article I wrote for Outlook Magazine is a good case in point. The article is about the Chamoli flood that happened on Feb 7, 2021. Amongst the points it makes is this: the state of Uttarakhand is a

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Writing is hard. Getting published is harder. Well, it was. Till we got self publishing companies in India. India has an enormous number of writers and only a handful of literary agents / traditional publishing houses in India. So the competition is ridiculously high. Starting with the slush piles on the editors’ desks till the

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