Upgrade your teams’ writing

Great writing can transform how the world sees you and your organization. The world thinks you are more professional, competent and knowledgeable. Readers understand your point of view with ease and clarity.

At the Himalayan Writing Retreat, we help teams elevate their writing with our custom writing workshops. Our workshops help your team members write with unblurred clarity. We help make your writing – and your point of view – easier to read and understand.

If you think your organization can benefit from communicating & writing better, we can help.

Case studies

The Himalayan Writing Retreat has created and delivered many custom writing workshops / interventions for organizations of various types ranging from NGOs to businesses to hobby groups. These include AIF, The Ashoka Foundation, USISPF and the Design school at UPES. These custom solutions range from helping organizations blog better, write better articles to teaching college students how to design better communication.

The Himalayan Writing Retreat has executed and delivered custom writing workshops for the following organizations.

LOGO: Ashoka Foundation

The Ashoka Foundation

The foundation runs the Ashoka Fellowship for which The Himalayan Writing Retreat has designed and run a 15 day creative writing residency. We have conducted these residencies for two years in a row.

  • Project: Design a writing residency
  • Duration & Structure: One day opening and closing module, with 15 writing day
  • Mode / Location: Residential, Himalayas

LOGO: American Indian Foundation

The America-India Fellowship funded by the Bill Clinton Foundation

THWR conducts a series of three workshops spread across the year for the AIF Fellows. We have conducted these two years in a row before the Pandemic.

  • Project: Help the fellows write better blogs, and improve their public speaking
  • Duration & Structure: Three custom writing workshops spread over ten months. In the last workshop we also covered public speaking as one of our founders is a TEDx and Josh speaker.
  • Mode / Location: In person, Different locations

LOGO: UPES, Dehradun

The School of Design at UPES, Dehradun

  • Project: Help undergraduate students understand and design communication.
  • Duration & Structure: Three days intensive.
  • Mode / Location: On Campus (Dehradun)



A US -India trade organization looking to influence public policy through articles and opinion pieces.

  • Project: Help Experts write better articles and influence public opinion
  • Duration & Structure: Four days, spread over four weeks.
  • Mode / Location: In person, Sheraton / Taj (Delhi)

American writers of Indian Origin, Across the US

A US -India trade organization looking to influence public policy through articles and opinion pieces.

  • Project: Help amateur writers in the US get better at writing articles & Blogposts.
  • Duration & Structure: Four days, spread over two weekends (scheduled to Pacific time). This custom workshop was conducted twice, each with 12 participants.
  • Mode / Location: Online

How we work


Any project starts with a deep dive into the training need. We establish who the learners are, where they are right now, and what is the desired change / outcome.


Once we have an understanding of Point A (where we're starting) and Point B (Where we want to reach), we then chart the course of how we can take the learners from Point A to Point B. This is the program we design. Our programs tend to be very "doing" heavy. They contain bits of theory reinforced by a lot of practice and implementation. The design also includes various tools specific to writers and writing.


The delivery depends upon the geographical spread and Covid comfort levels. Online seems to be the preferred mode for most organizations right now, but also host groups of upto 12 at the Himalayan Writing Retreat.


No training is complete without an actual impact assessment of the training intervention. We ask our clients : What has changed after our Custom training workshop? Most clients come back with a very strong, positive feedback about the program and its effectiveness.

Contact Us

If you think your organization can benefit from a custom writing workshop / intervention, please get in touch with us at namrata@himalayanwritingretreat(dot)com or reach out at +91 73035-16665 (Call/Signal/ WA)