India’s top Literary Magazines to submit short-stories, non fiction and poetry

Well done! By completing the piece you have been working on, you have completed the first step towards getting published. Now, let’s move towards the second step.

Have you written something, but don’t know where to publish? Maybe you’ve written poems you want to publish? Or a short story? Or maybe it is a work of non-fiction you want to put out on a credible platform? Further, do you wonder if you can also get paid for your work? Or if any literary magazines focus specifically on India / South Asia?

We encountered these questions repeatedly in our workshops and from the participants of our various programs. So we put together this list which we update regularly.

Whatever be the genre of creative writing, getting published is very important for a writer. For many short-story writers, finding a good home for their work matters a lot. Even if having a published book to your credit is your ultimate goal, having short stories / poetry / non-fiction published in literary journals is an important milestone. It helps you add to your author profile and create a reader base which comes in handy when your book is released.

Getting published in prominent, well-recognized sites boosts your confidence. The exposure means people read your work, and that means feedback. That in turn helps you hone your writing skills.

Before we share the list of literary journals and magazines where you can submit your short stories, a few quick points:

  1. The magazines/journals have been listed in alphabetical order for ease of access.
  2. All the below mentioned magazines accept submissions only in English. In some cases, they accept translations too but those also need to be in English.
  3. At the time of publishing this article, all the mentioned literary journals and magazines did not have any submission fees unless specifically mentioned (sometimes in case of annual print editions). However, that is subject to change at the discretion of the editorial team of the respective journals and magazines.
  4. Most of the magazines accept short stories across genres, however some are specific to certain genres and themes of their issues. These have been highlighted in their respective cases below.
  5. Currently we have included only the literary journals and magazines which accept submissions from writers based in India and South Asia in general. In future, we might come up with a similar list for international submissions also.
  6. Most of the magazines have submission periods during which they are open to submissions and rest of the year, they are not. Do read the submission guidelines before submitting.
  7. Last, but not the least, the list is a work in progress and we will keep updating it from time to time. In case you feel we have missed out on any of your favourites, do let us know in the comments.

This list of literary journals and magazines is not just a great place to publish. These are also a great place to read good writing.

Disclaimer: Himalayan Writing Retreat has no affiliation with any of these magazines or websites. We have solely collated a list as a reference guide for writers. In case of any queries, please write to the concerned magazines on the email ids provided on their sites directly. Team HWR will be unable to respond to any queries regarding your submissions to them.


  1. Asia Literary Review

The Asia Literary Review is an independent quarterly literary magazine publishing the best contemporary writing from and about Asia, in English and in translation.

2. Auroras and Blossoms

Auroras and Blossoms is an online literary journal where positivity, art and inspiration meet. They accept poetry, short stories and six-word short stories.

  • Submission Guidelines: https://abpoetryjournal.com/creative-arts-journal-submissions/#What_you_can_send_us_submission_fees
  • Genre: All but the content should be positive content, as in stimulating, optimistic, confident, uplifting, inspirational.
  • Compensation: NIL
  • Submission Fees:
    • Poetry-graphy: Free for one poem. $2.99 for 2-3 poems. $3.99 for 4-6 poems.
    • Short stories: Free for up to 1,500 words. $3.99 for 1,501-5,000 words.
    • Six-word stories: Free for two stories. $2.99 for 3-4 stories. $3.99 for 5-6 stories.

3. Antiserious

Antiserious is a quarterly magazine of essays, fiction and poetry, and a blog that is a web archive of Indian culture and politics.

  1. Ashvamegh- International Journal & Literary Magazine

Ashvamegh is a monthly literary journal cum magazine which aims at keeping the flight of literature always on the height that it deserves.

* something that invokes terrorism

* something that deliberately insults the sentiments of a religious community

* something that calls for violence in any of its kind

* unnecessary use of abusive words

* erotica

  • Compensation: NIL
  • Literary Quotient: Medium

  1. Borderless Journal

Borderless is a literary journal based in Singapore accepting submissions from across the world.

  1. Cafe Dissensus

Cafe Dissensus is an alternative magazine dealing in art, culture, literature, and politics. It’s based in New York City, USA. We DISSENT. The magazine also runs a blog, Cafe Dissensus Everyday.

  1. Contemporary Literary Journal of India

CLRI is a literary journal in English and publishes a wide variety of creative pieces including research papers, critical essays, stories, poems, book reviews, film reviews, arts and photography of the best quality of the time.

  • Submission Guidelines: www.literaryjournal.in/index.php/clri/sg
  • Submission Fees : Any submission for their annual print edition has a reading fee of an unspecified amount.
  • Genre: All ( except any articles that reflect pornography, use racial language, hatred or any sorts of aversion.)
  • Compensation: NIL
  • Literary Quotient: Excellent

Image Source: Unsplash (bady qb@bady)

  1. CHA: An Asian Literary Journal

Cha is dedicated to publishing quality creative works from and about Asia. At this time, we can only accept work in English or translated into English.

  • Submission Guidelines: https://www.asiancha.com/wp/submission-guidelines/
  • Genre: All (Though there are contests organised regularly which are theme specific- the contest entries are also a part of the journal, if selected)
  • Compensation: NIL
  • Literary Quotient: Excellent

  1. efiction India

eFiction India is a professionally produced independent magazine devoted to showcasing the work of writers with a connection to the Indian subcontinent.

  • Submission Guidelines: http://www.efictionindia.in/submit/
  • Genre: All but should be relevant to the theme of the issue. Writing should adhere to a mild R rating. Sexuality, violence and unsavory language are acceptable but contributors should avoid the explicit and the gratuitous. Also, no erotica.
  • Compensation: NIL
  • Literary Quotient: Excellent

  1. Himal South Asian Mag

Himal Southasian is Southasia’s first and only regional magazine of politics and culture.

  • Submission Guidelines: https://www.himalmag.com/submissions/
  • Genre: All
  • Compensation: Not all are paid. It is at their discretion to decide which write up will be paid for. On average Himal pays USD 100-150 for an article, subsequent to publication.
  • Literary Quotient: Excellent

  1. Indian Literature (Sahitya Akademi)

Indian Literature is Sahitya Akademi’s bi-monthly journal. Considered to be India’s oldest and the only journal of its kind, it features translations in English of poetry, fiction, drama and criticism from 23 Indian languages besides original writing in English.

  1. Indian Review

Indian Review, as the name suggests is a literary journal based in India.

  • Submission Guidelines: https://indianreview.in/submit-your-work/
  • Genre: All except genre fiction ( e.g. horror, science fiction, mysteries) and any work containing explicit or erotic language
  • Compensation: If they are able to get sponsors, they aim to pay.
  • Literary Quotient: Medium

  1. Inkspire

Inkspire is an online literary journal for aspiring Indian writers from across the world.

  1. Indian Ruminations

Indian Ruminations is a monthly online literary journal specially dedicated for Indian English literature.

Image Source: Unsplash(Nemichandra Hombannavar@nemichandra)

  1. Juggernaut

Though primarily a publishing house, Juggernaut platform also allows you to upload your short stories and share your work with readers.

  1. Jaggery Lit

Jaggery Lit is a DesiLit Arts and Literature Journal

16. Joao-Roque Literary Journal

Established in 2017, Joao-Roque Literary Journal celebrates Goa through its writings. They invite submissions from residents of Goa, Goans in diaspora and non-Goans exploring Goa-related issues.

17. Kitaab

Headquartered in Singapore, Kitaab provides a writing and publishing platform to emerging and seasoned writers from South Asia to express themselves creatively.

  • Submission Guidelines: https://kitaab.org/submissions/
  • Genre: All
  • Compensation: NIL (Some of the stories will go into the upcoming anthologies / journals by Kitaab and authors will be paid royalties for their contributions.)
  • Literary Quotient: Excellent

18. Muse India

Muse India is a literary e-journal with the primary objective of showcasing Indian writings in English and in English translation to a broad-based global readership.

  • Submissions guideline: http://www.museindia.com/MuseIndia/submission
  • Genre: All
  • Compensation: NIL (However, all the writers submitting their work should be registered Members of the journal. If they are not already so, they should enroll as Members. Membership is free.)
  • Literary Quotient: Excellent

19. Mithila Review

Mithila Review is an international science fiction and fantasy magazine founded in late 2015 with focus on speculative fiction and poetry.

  • Submission guidelines: https://mithilareview.com/submission-guidelines/
  • Genre: Speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, science fantasy, horror, alternative history, magic realism, uncanny and weird)
  • Compensation: If/when their Patron funds permit, $10 for original poetry, essays, flash stories (under 2.5K words), and reprints; $50 for original stories between 4-8K words or longer.
  • Literary Quotient: Medium

20. Out of Print

Out of Print magazine is an online platform for short fiction with a connection to the Indian subcontinent.

21. Spark- The Magazine

Spark is an online literary magazine exploring Word,World and Wisdom.

22. Storizen

Storizen is a literary ezine based in India which also has a physical magazine released annually.

23. The Caravan

The Caravan is India’s first long-form narrative journalism magazine which also publishes short stories.

24. The Bombay Literary Magazine

The magazine largely publishes literary fiction, as well as some poetry and book reviews, and encourages submissions on topics which are less spoken about.

25. The Bombay Review

The Bombay Review is a bi-monthly online literary magazine publishing short fiction and poetry, with annual print anthologies.

26. The Bangalore Review

TBR publishes exemplary writing from all over.

27. The Little Magazine

The Little Magazine encourages writers to send in their work from all over the world.

28. The Lookout Journal

The Lookout Journal is a quarterly magazine which invites submissions on a specific theme for the issue.

29. The Curious Reader

The Curious Reader publishes intelligent, thought-provoking and well-written original articles related to books, literature, and writing.

30. The Meraki Magazine

The Meraki Magazine welcomes the love of literature, aiming to bring forth raw imaginative & artistic sparks of people in English and Urdu language.

31. The Shanghai Literary Review

The Shanghai Literary Review is a biannual English-language print magazine that features quality creative work from or about Asia and introduces new voices to the critical conversation on world literature and publishes it both in print and online.

32. The Indian Quarterly

Indian Quarterly is aimed for a judicious mix of new and well-established writers and artists, and a balance of Indian and international talent in print.

33. The Punch Magazine

The Punch Magazine is an initiative by Punch Art and Culture Foundation and is a monthly digital magazine of arts, literature and culture featuring fiction, poetry, essays, reviews and interviews.

34. The Purple Pencil Project

The Purple Pencil Project aims to talk about literature in various Indian languages through different mediums events, awards, videos, books, merchandise.

35. The Universal Journal

‘The UNIverse Journal’ is a digital publishing platform that aims to connect passionate writers with passionate readers who will support their work.

36. The Little Journal of Northeast India

This is a journal featuring art and literary content from the Northeast India.

We hope this list takes you one step closer to getting published. Do share this with all your friends who are writers or who aspire to get published and also with those who enjoy reading great literature.

Here’s wishing more power to your pen!

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23 Responses

  1. Really thankful to you for sharing the list of various magazines. Hope to get published in the near future.

  2. Wow !! Thanks for providing a platform especially for beginners like me to offer our work.. it’s a great opportunity and I really excited to share some of my work .

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mithun. We will be publishing a list of non-English Literary Magazines where people can submit their creative writing soon. We have made a note of this, and will include abletricks in that.

  3. Hi
    Your list of writing platforms has been very helpful for an aspiring writer/poet like me. I am already publishing my short stories and poems in some of the dailies and weeklies in my city. However, I’d like to reach out to a wider audience and improve further.


  4. Hello there!

    I am the co-founder and co-editor of Auroras & Blossoms, a platform dedicated to positive and uplifting art. We accept poetry and short stories all year long. Poetry can be submitted to our Auroras & Blossoms Poetry Journal, while short stories go into our Auroras & Blossoms Creative Arts Journal.

    Would you be able to add us to your list?


    Thank you very much for your consideration!

  5. Thanks a lot for this very useful information to clueless budding writers like me. It’s definitely a beginning for me. Hope to successfully submit my stories.

    1. Hi Ravi,

      Thanks for writing to us!

      Congratulations for the website. While the idea behind it is really wonderful, we noticed it is still in very nascent stages to be featured in the list. We will revisit this a few months later and review.

  6. Hi,
    I am a freelance writer. I curated my own website where i publish my blogs based on the buddhist philosophy of which i am a practitioner.
    The link to my website is : http://www.tellingtales.info
    I am looking for platforms where i can get my work posted for a wider reach. Please get back to me in case this sounds of relevance to anyone.

    Thank you !

  7. You could also add The Little Journal of Northeast India which publishes poems, short stories, art and photos based on or inspired by Northeast India.

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