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With our wide range of writing workshops and courses, we promise to make you Write better, Write more.

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Creative Writing Course

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Creative Writing Course in India

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Workshops and Courses offered by the Himalayan Writing Retreat stand out because of 5 reasons:    

Personal Attention
Class Quality
Cost per hour
Quality of faculty
Feedback scores
  • We don't take more than 10 students in our writing workshops or courses. You get a lot of personal attention and feedback. 
  • For most writing workshops and courses, we filter our participants. You can't just pay and sign up. 
  • Our writing workshops and courses are long and intense. As an example, the creative writing course is INR 18000 for 24 contact hours (3 days, 8 hours each day). The cost per hour = INR 750 / hour. That is comparable to many of the "cheaper" courses.
  • No lightweights here. Many of our faculty are award-winners. All are experts and great teachers. We don't settle for average.
  • Across courses, we are rated 4.5/5, or higher. You can read our reviews here. 

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