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He's back! After a long break of six years, we will finally be able to re-enter Murakami World.

His publisher Shinchosha recently announced that the new book will be published in Japanese on April 13th. Translations will soon follow.

Although the genre, plot or anything else about the new work was not revealed, Shinchosha did say that the title will be 1,200 Japanese manuscript pages long! He did not confirm the exact number of pages it will amount to though.

This is so exciting! We can't wait to read Murakami's new book.

Image and news source - Japan Today.
Tales of the Anointed Skeletons and Love revolves around the themes of love - romantic or filial, friendship, attraction and other expressions of human bonding, and a few are touched upon by an element of mystery or the supernatural. The narratives are driven by the aspirations, idiosyncrasies, inquisitiveness and paranoia of people from diverse backgrounds under usual and unusual circumstances. With its relatable characters and identifiable emotions, this unique collection of short stories can be enjoyed by all.
Subi Taba, an alum of multiple HWR workshops, and a serial participant in the FDC, won "The Perfect Pitch" at JLF 2023. Set against many novels, her's was a short story collection: a difficult category to begin with. Yet she won. She will be sharing her learnings from the experience - and the secrets of how she cracked it - in an article shortly. Kudos, lady!!
What if the past, present and future exist at once? What if you could rewrite your past? What if you could go back and change it around? What if you could protect the child you were from the trauma you know she will have to live through? What if you were living infinite versions of the same life simultaneously?

This is the story of Ana, who is at a different age each time we meet her. But who is Ana—is she really who she says she is? A tangled tale of looped time and non-sequential lives, of guilt and repercussions, ‘All Those Who Wander’ turns the classic time-travel genre into a spine-tingling gorgeousness of who, what, when, where. Wouldn’t you take that one chance to heal your inner child?

Join in Anna's journey in Kiran Manral's latest release 'All Those Who Wander'.

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