Himalayan First Draft Club

Himalayan First Draft Club

Firsts are always special. 

First prize. First crush. First job. First solo-trip. First drafts.

Rough. Unclear. Full of mistakes. Terrible. The first draft can be all this and still be of value.

The first draft of your book is one step closer towards your dream of becoming a published author.

2020 was the first time we decided to become a part of NaNoWrimo as a community. This led to the Himalayan Wrimos Club.

The only way to write a first draft is—write.

And that is exactly what we did!

The whole of November 2020 we wrote and chatted. Then wrote some more and of course, chatted some more. On some weekends, amazing authors like Damyanti Biswas ( Author of You Beneath Your Skin- Simon & Schuster India, 2020) and Jenny Bhatt( Author Ratno Dholi- Harper Collins India, 2020) joined us. They shared tips on writing and also talked about their own experiences of NaNoWriMo.

We loved it so much, that we decided to host it every four months instead of waiting for November.

We will be hosting month-long writing sessions every April, July and November. If you are a writer looking for a writing community or a support group, that's what the first draft club is. You're welcome to sign-up. It's free.

The focus of this group is to make writing a habit. You will discover fellow-writers who dabble in the same genre. You might also find valuable critiques for your writing.

As a member, you have a chance to interact with some of your favourite authors apart from finding writing buddies who could be dabbling in the same genres as yours. You never know, you might end up creating a writer's group in your own city after discovering fellow writers around you. 

Please note: This is a support group for writers where there will be no teaching involved. If you are looking for guidance on how to write a book and explore the art of Creative Writing , you can consider joining our Creative Writing Workshop led by Chetan Mahajan. 

How does it work? 

It is fairly simple.

Step: 1

You sign up for the Himalayan First Draft Club through this form.

Please note, you will have to clearly mention your commitments in this form.  So, before clicking on the form, think about these questions:

  • What are you expecting from this exercise?
  • How many words can you commit?
  • At the end of the one month, what do you see as your achievement?
Step: 2

We will evaluate your application and confirm your membership to the club. (Yay!)

Furthermore, we will add you to the WhatsApp/Signal group created exclusively for the members to share regular updates. (You will not be added if you have opted out of it in the form in Step:1.)

And you are done! (Well, not yet but almost there.)

We will share a Google sheet which will basically be a tracker. You will have to update your word count in that tracker on a regular basis for us to keep a note of it. 

Yes, these numbers are important because we have some exciting prizes to be won at the end of the month-long writing session.

Join us every weekend on Zoom to discuss and share our experiences of writing during the week. These sessions will also have some inspiring  authors as guest speakers, where they will share tips and tricks on writing effectively.

(Yes! We have exciting giveaways too to make it more fun.)

We will share a weekly dose of positivity ( a.k.a updates and writerly motivation) to keep the demon (Writer's Block) away. 

Please note: This is a support group for writers where there will be no teaching involved. If you are looking for guidance on how to write non-fiction content , you can consider joining our Blog & Content Writing Workshop led by Chetan Mahajan. 

At the end of the month, we will see where we have reached vis-à-vis the goals we had set in the beginning of the month. We analyze what worked and what did not. And we also announce the winners! 

After all, it is always good to see your hard work bear some fruits. 

Sounds like a plan? 

Join the Himalayan First Draft Club to be a part of all this and much more.

Have questions? Write to us at namrata@himalayanwritingretreat.com or reach out on WA/ Signal at +91 7303516665