Himalayan Book Club

Himalayan Book Club

Read. Review. Discuss.

At the Himalayan Writing Retreat, writing and reading are our first true loves. The Himalayan Book Club is an extension of that love.

India's book market is the sixth largest in the world and second largest in English language. (Source)

On an average 90,000 books are published in India every year. So why don't we see new names more often as bestsellers? How many of these actually reach the readers? How do readers discover new authors? 

The Himalayan Book Club helps writers have their books discovered. The Himalayan Book Club tries to bridge the gap between the reader and the author.  

We invite book-lovers to be a part of this club where they can read books (some even before they are released!) and review them.

We invite authors to join this club so that they can spread the word about their book among readers. 

We promise good books, and fun interactive meet-the-author sessions as well.

Join us, to be a part of the community! 

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In High Spirits : From Hopeless Self to Shining Self: From Hopeless to Shining Self
The Secret Life of Debbie G.
Raakshasa: the Demon
Readings in the Shed
Bloodstone, Legend of the Last Engraving

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