The story behind Amazon Reviews in India

Amazon Reviews in India

For years, we authors have been hearing how important Amazon Reviews in India are for our books. In fact, getting reviews for a book has become a business. Reviews are […]

23 Ghostwriters in India

Ghostwriters in India

Ghostwriters are the secret keepers of their clients. Sworn to secrecy and leading a life of anonymity, they allow their words to do the talking. In all possibilities, we might […]

10 Secrets of Ghostwriting in India


Did you know 50%-90% of the non-fiction books in the bestsellers list have been ghostwritten? (Source: How Common are Ghostwriters? | Professional Ghost) Ghostwriting is one of the literary world’s […]

How will beta reading improve your story?

Beta Reading

With so many publishing options available at your fingertips, now you can be a published author in the blink of an eye. However, writing a book is no mean feat. […]