Women travel alone to the Retreat on a regular basis. Over the past six years some 200 ladies have travelled to our place, but no untoward incident has been reported.

Mountains are known to be safe places to travel. There is hardly any crime reported in our area. The villagers here speak in hushed tones of the one burglary that happened five years ago.

However, your travel will entail coming through the plains to get to the mountains. Along the way, please exercise caution and common sense. Once in the cab, traffic or weather may slow you down, but you’ll reach the retreat safely. The taxi operators listed below are trusted people who have worked with us for many years. Some are neighbours.


  • Atik (Toyota Etios + others) : +91 94117 93827 / 73109 32422 (a little hard of hearing, Atik turns his phone off and sleeps every afternoon)
  • Gopal Bhatt (Maruti Wagon R): +91 9927323510
  • Kishan (Innova): +91 9690450871
  • Bobby (Fleet of different cars): +91 9410588889

There is wildlife in the forests around the retreat but no predators of humans.