The Couples Workshop

The Couples workshop is a unique learning experience designed to enhance happiness and joy amongst couples. This workshop is designed and conducted by Dr. Vandita Dubey, a sensitive and highly experienced Marriage Counsellor trained and licensed in the US. Dr Dubey's profile is shared below

Every day of the workshop will begin with a meditation/relaxation exercise. Every day will end with a small assignment for the couple to work on together. Walks/hikes, beautiful sunrises/sunsets, views of snow capped peaks and star gazing on clear nights provide many opportunities to bond with each other and go back with lovely memories.

Day 1: Our Individual Histories - Who we are as individuals and what we expect from our intimate relationships affects how we are as a couple. Therefore, we begin the workshop by looking at our individual attachment styles. We also use a cognitive behaviour (CBT) perspective to identify what our fundamental beliefs are about ourselves and our relationships. We then attempt to look at the past and trace it’s influence on our relationships today. We will end the day with looking at Dr. Gottman’s research and what goes into forming a stable, happy relationship.

Day 2: Our Current Challenges - Where do you feel stuck in your relationship? Occasional arguments in a relationship are inevitable. But a fight that that turns into a war undermines the relationship.. We will identify patterns and cycles. We will use Dr. Johnson’s research to help us identify our emotional triggers to bring about a change. We will also look at how to fight fair and not let how we conduct our arguments to make things worse. We will end the day with an exercise on letting go of past regrets or resentments.

Day 3: Building the positives - We will begin the day by focusing on what keeps us together. Everyone has a “jab we met” story - what is yours? What adventures have you gone through together? What challenges have you faced together? With all this and much more we will write our love stories and share them. We will also look at ways to nurture our relationship after the workshop - put connection rituals in place, plan for romance, share hopes/dreams and work on a mission statement together.

While various exercises are done as a group, each couples' personal journey is private. Sharing is optional.

​ If you have specific questions about the workshop, please drop us an email at


Inaugural Workshop: August 14-18, 2019

Workshop #2 : Sep 29 - Oct 2, 2019

Where: The Himalayan Writing Retreat, Satkhol Village. Uttarakhand – 263138 (India). This retreat is rated 5-star on both Google and Facebook by 100 people. Click here for venue photos and travel information. 

How much : The August workshop is offered at an inaugural discounted price of INR 38,000. October onwards the price is INR 44,000 per couple. The price covers  3 days, 4 nights of learning, stay, food and taxes. Travel cost is not included.   Click here for our Cancellation Policy.

How to attend : Click on the button below and pay 50% to block your spot. 

Only six couples are accepted on a first-come first-served basis. For this workshop, a couple is two people in a committed relationship irrespective of legal status or sexual orientation. Both people need to participate. 

​*Please note that this workshop is not appropriate for couples who are struggling with serious relationship issues including infidelity, abuse or violence. If you are unsure, please check with Dr. Dubey at 9958715551. 

Dr Vandita Dubey

Dr. Dubey earned her Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in 2006 and obtained her Psychologist License from the State of Indiana in 2007. She trained and worked in private practice, community mental heath centers, and schools in the US. Her research focused on resilience. She started her private practice in Gurgaon in 2008 and has consulted  with schools and corporates. Dr Dubey also holds a degree in Medical & Psychiatric Social Work from TISS, Mumbai, and worked with NGOs on the issue of child sexual abuse in Delhi and Mumbai between 1997 and 2000. Dr. Vandita Dubey is the author of "Parenting in the age of sexposure: Raising the precocious generation" , published by Rupa in 2016.

Dr. Dubey now chooses to live in the Himalayas, where she has co-founded the Himalayan Writing Retreat. She has designed the Self-Growth through Writing workshop which she conducts. This is a course which uses writing as a means of introspection and self growth. Through a host of creative writing exercises participants at this workshop get an opportunity to reflect and gain insight into their thoughts and feelings. She is also the expert psychologist featured on the popular  you-tube channel Zen-brain.  Dr. Dubey is currently developing a workshop to help couples make their relationships more harmonious and joyful.

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