The HWR Wall of Fame

The HWR Wall of Fame has been created to serve as a reminder - for all of us.

In the range of workshops we offer , it is but natural for us to come across many creative souls chasing varied goals. Some write books while some win contests and accolades marking many a milestones in their journey. Sharing some of those milestones here, with joy, gratitude & a little pride. They've done the work, and we are grateful they chose the Himalayan Writing Retreat to be part of their journey.


Matangi Jayaram (Bootcamp, Nov '19)
1st runner up, eShe Poetry Contest
Mohana Talapatra (Bootcamp, Nov '17)
Published one chapter in “Write with Chitra” contest by Harper Collins

Online Publications

Priya Kalpesh Astik (Online Bootcamp, May '20)
Published an article ‘Leadership Lessons from the Rava Dosa‘ in Economic Times (August 18th, 2020)
Namita Aavriti (Masterclass, Dec '19)
Published an interview with author Manjula Padmanabhan ‘How taking off for Europe on a risky trip gave Manjula Padmanabhan a book‘ in Scroll (August 16th, 2020)

Books by HWR Alumni

Amit Maheshwari
“When I enrolled for HWR, I had a fair idea of “Why and What” to write. At the Himalayan Writing Retreat I learnt the “How, When and Where” . I learnt about writing, finishing and publishing a book. In simple words, I had arrived with the soul of my book. The retreat helped me create it’s body.”
Anirudh Naveen
Mr. Chetan Mahajan, published author and founder of the Himalayan Writing Retreat held an online workshop in April 2020 that allowed me to introspect on my writings and sharpen the messages being conveyed through my novel. Also, it was the first forum where I got to discuss my project in detail.  the discussions that unfolded in the course of the workshop were insightful and I thank the institution and its founder for the wonderful experience. – From the acknowledgements in “The Tailender“.
Elizabeth Decker
Elizabeth Decker spent five weeks at our retreat – mostly locked away in her room working diligently. The outcome was “Wrap me up in an Indian Quilt” (Chaitown Creatives) – a unique, beautiful weave of words which connects deeply with India and its traditional arts.

Elizabeth gifted us a copy of her book inside which she wrote: “To the wonderful Mahajan family. Grateful to have shared your home. Your ears were the first to hear all these words. My love, Beth. “

Kamalini Natesan

The pressure eased off when I reached the mountains. As I ceased to force my creative gene, words flowed in the fresh mountain air. Nestled beneath towering peaks, Chetan and Vandita, founders and hosts, embrace invited folks with practiced ease. They let you be, yet don’t fail to prod those hibernating cells, whose time has come. Mine clearly had. 

Language erupted and stories morphed into living beings, icebergs, half-hidden from one’s vision.  This unleashing, as it were, stayed with me well after I returned to the plains. 

A marvelous experience, and am impatient to get back there. The quietude offered, willy nilly, is that place, where I hear what I need to, and tune in to listen.

My first novel was completed soon thereafter, and is about to go into publication this coming month. Thank you HWR!

Mehool Parekh
The HWR is the best possible place to write a book or get initiated into the craft of writing one. Unfortunately for me, I discovered the HWR after I had finished my book. Even then, attending the workshop opened my eyes to the various aspects of book writing that I wasn’t aware of. Also, I got valuable inputs from Chetan as well as some of the participants on my book that were incorporated in the book that is now released. I believe the book has become that much better from the inputs. I would whole heartedly recommend HWR for all writers and aspiring writers. For those who are looking to write, it will come as a first major step towards becoming a good writer. For those who have written in the past, it is a wonderful finishing school. Chetan Mahajan, apart from being a great coach, is also a wonderful and gracious host. This combination makes HWR special.
Madhulika Mohta
I am really thankful that I attended this retreat. Not only for what it taught me or led me to uncover in myself but for the sheer determination to go and get my book published. It had been on a back burner for decades and it was the goals pledge at the end of our workshop which made me determined enough to honor the pledge made to Chetan, his team and my fellow retreat mates. I found not only mentors, but also friends at HWR.
Vaishali Gauba
I went in wanting to learn about the process of writing, in general. I still clearly remember writing my first ever fiction piece at the retreat when that’s not even my genre at all. Beyond that, I learned about motivation. As writers, we often wait for motivation to come to us but Chetan taught us that writing, no matter how good or bad, must happen every day. I took that lesson home with me. Today, I write pretty much every day, and the motivation just kicks in!
Manish Grampurohit (Poetry Workshop with Jonaki Ray, May '20)
Mr. Chetan Mahajan’s Himalayan Writing Retreat is a great place to hone your writing skills. I attended their online workshop on Poetry Writing mentored by award winning poet, Jonaki Ray. In spite of being an online training, it was conducted extremely professionally, with absolutely no disturbances. The course was comprehensive and I am so happy that I could improve my skills. One of the poems that I created during the workshop is getting featured in The Alcove Publisher’s upcoming Anthology: Autumn Gales.

I look forward to attending more sessions from HWR in near future, and I can’t wait to visit their retreat.

Autumn Gales Cover

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