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Himalayan Blogging Workshop

The Himalayan Blogging Workshop is the perfect event for you to learn and grow your online presence. We take a deep dive into SEO, monetization models and tools, ways to increase traffic and also the science of email marketing. This is a hands-on workshop. We master specific tools  – the nuts-and-bolts to build your online

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5 Reasons why a Blogging Workshop Scores Over Online Courses

Contributor: Praveen Malik Would you attend a blogging workshop if you are already a blogger making a decent living? Would you go 350 KM away from Delhi to the Himalayas for a blogging retreat and spend almost 5 days in a quaint place? If you had asked me these questions 2 months ago, my answer would have

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Himalayan Writing Workshop

In this workshop, learn everything you need to know about writing: the basic elements of a good book, plot, character, editing and so on. Find inspiration for your writing from the ultimate muse – the Himalayas. You are coached by two published authors – Chetan Mahajan and Vandita Dubey. The workshop covers both fiction and

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