Personal Branding through Storytelling with Katrina Sanyal

Are you looking for a creative spark in your life? 

 Are you looking for new ways to share who you are and what you do with a wide audience?  

 Are you looking to become more influential in your professional or personal life?

“Personal Branding through Storytelling” is an intensive 3-day workshop that enables you to explore your creative self on a deep level, and gain new skills in how to powerfully communicate your creativity to a wider audience through storytelling.

Across the globe, storytelling is growing in popularity as a powerful way to share, connect, and influence all spheres of life- from marketing and business, to education and self- development, as well as podcasts and social media. By building your creative storytelling voice, you will become part of this global trend that empowers you to transform, influence and connect with wider audiences. This creative skill can be applied in many aspects of professional and personal life including the creative arts, personal branding, marketing, communications, social change, educational work, and self-growth and healing.

In the workshop, you will work with both biographical stories and traditional tales. The workshop will be experiential in nature consisting of activities, discussions, games, songs, and of course, lots of stories. You will gain new tools in how to connect with yourself and others, uncover new perspectives in creativity, identify authentic narratives from your own life, understand what makes a transformative story, and begin to tell powerful and influential stories.

The key takeaways from the workshop will be:

– You will have a personal story that you will artfully be able to tell others

– Techniques on how to have a transformative and influential conversation with others

– Ability to differentiate powerful, nourishing stories from harmful, “junk food” stories

– Understanding of basic storytelling techniques

– Increased body and voice awareness to increase your influence as a storyteller

– Creative applications of how to use story in your life, work, and community

– A new love and appreciation for stories!

Through this workshop, you will gain new insight on yourself as a creative being, and will be able to harness your own creative gifts in a way to richly share with others.

Who is this Workshop for? 

Anyone looking for new ways to uncover their creativity, and to become more skilled at communicating with wide audiences will benefit. People from all walks and stages of life are welcome. We are looking for a diverse cohort, so if you feel the call to engage your creative storytelling voice, we certainly want you to join us!

No previous experience in storytelling, writing, or performing is required, though those with prior experience are welcome and encouraged to join. Minimum age is 18.

This workshop may be of particular interest to:

  • Professionals from all sectors who want to become more influential and persuasive
  • Entrepreneurs who are developing their brand/personal brands
  • Education professionals looking for creative approaches to teaching and learning
  • Creative artists who are looking for new methods to convey their work
  • Writers and storytellers who are looking to increase their ability to tell stories orally

When: April 22 – 26, 2020

Where: The Himalayan Writing Retreat, Satkhol Village. Uttarakhand – 263138. Venue details & how to reach here. (This venue and its programs are 5-star rated on both Google and Facebook.)

How much : INR 28,000  (Includes 4 nights twin-shared stay, food, taxes and all sessions). Click here for our Cancellation Policy. 

Note: Single occupancy is subject to availability at an additional cost of 8k. If this is a prerequisite (e.g. if you snore loudly, have sleep apnea or talk gibberish in your sleep) then​ please email us with that information at before you sign up. 

How to attend : Pay 50% of the workshop fee now, and pay the balance two weeks before the workshop. Email any questions to . 

Only ten participants accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. Click the “Book Now” button and pay INR 14,000 to secure your spot.

​Katrina ​Sanyal leads this workshop.

Katrina is a storyteller and facilitator based in India and the US. She is passionate about bringing the transformative power of stories to individuals, communities, and companies across the world. She has performed as a storyteller, theatre artist, and dancer in India, South Africa, Thailand, Japan, and the United States. Katrina is certified in Storytelling in the Community through the Centre for Biographical Storytelling, UK, and in Transformational Communication from UC San Diego. Katrina has worked for 10 years in the field of international education and development, and held leadership positions with the US State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship Program, Princeton University’s Bridge Year Program, and at the American India Foundation. ​

Katrina’s interest in India began in 2006 with a solo trip across Maharashthra, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh. She learnt new skills in Nepali plate dancing, wearing sarees. She developed a penchant for green chilies and the determination to come back. Since 2011, she has lived in Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and now resides in Delhi with her husband Arjun​. She is fluent in Hindi and German.

Program Structure and details

Day Activity
1 Arrival and settle in

2 Harnessing Our Creative Voice- Story as Nourishment for the Soul

  • Intro to Story and Storytelling
  • Authentic Communication- the ingredients of a meaningful conversation
  • How to use your body and voice to tell a story
  • How to listen and respond as a storyteller
3 Communicating our Vision and Goals- Finding our Philosopher’s Stone

  • What makes a compelling story
  • Authentic Communication- how to identify compelling stories from your life
  • Utilizing gesture and voice in storytelling
  • Working with and understanding different personality types (the Four Temperaments)
  • How to engage and immerse others in your vision
4 Carrying our Creative Vision Forward- Taking a Leap of Faith

  • How to use story in your life, work, and community
  • Craft and share a biographical story with others
  • How to connect to an audience
  • Closing reflection on learnings and community connection
  • Closing bonfire with stories and songs
5 Final Circle and closing, Departure

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