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Editors in India

Manuscript Editors are important for any writer. An editor doesn’t just provide constructive feedback, but an editor can also be someone, who can work with you on bettering your manuscript. They usually feature on the third or the fourth number in the To-do list of any writer, where the first few things basically involving writing and research.

Editing can mean a complete overhaul and restructure of a document, or simply putting on the polish.

In this article, we will cover the following points, before sharing a list of manuscript editors who offer editing services in India for both fiction and non fiction.

Who is a Manuscript Editor?

Manuscript editors work on your manuscript in terms of different aspects like storyline, plot, characters, narrative, dialogues, language and grammar of your manuscript. They polish your manuscript to make it publishing ready.

Why should you work with a manuscript editor?

With availability of online apps and sites like Grammarly, one might argue on the need to hire an editor. However, working with an expert can never be compared to working with an app.  Any app or site comes with its own limitation when it comes to language, local words / names and grammar. For e.g., While color is right in American English, it is incorrect in British English.

Any app/ website might not be able to detect the localized words for food, dressing habits, traditions and culture which are extremely important when you are writing a story set in India. Most importantly, all apps cannot deliver 100% accuracy of being error-free. Furthermore, apps cannot look at things like structure and flow – they can only give feedback at the language and grammar level. For structure and flow, you need an editor competent enough to do structural editing.

Moreover, writing can be extremely lonely at times. Having an editor with you, also means having a person by your side, who can be your sounding board, agony aunt, friend, confidante and your 3 am go-to person for anything and everything that is writerly. Of course, that is what friends and family are for, but professionals are professionals. The value and expertise they bring along cannot be quantified in words.

What are the different types of editing?

Usually, manuscript editors in India provide the following editing services:

  • Structural Editing/ Developmental Editing

In developmental editing service, the editor usually analyses the manuscript based on various aspects of novel writing which includes theme, characters, genre/sub-genre etc. for fiction while for non-fiction it will be analyzed on clarity and consistency. The core focus here is more on the plot and the narrative.

Recommended For
Authors who are looking at detailed feedback on their writing which includes plot, characters and the flow. 
  • Line Editing

This involves correcting &/or improving the consistency, tone and style. In this the editor works on the grammar of the manuscript along with spelling and punctuation. Here the focus is on the language.

Recommended For
Authors who have already worked with beta-readers previously or have ensured adequate research before writing the book because of which it is structurally strong and are looking only for language correction in their manuscripts should ideally consider this editing service. 
  • Proof-reading

The final step in editing, this includes a thorough check for any inconsistencies, spacing issues, spelling mistakes, typos and grammatical errors that might have got missed out till now. This step is to ensure the manuscript is error free and ready for publishing.

Recommended For
Authors who have already self-edited their manuscripts to quite and extent and need one more eye to ensure it is error free should opt for this editing service.

List of Manuscript Editors in India for Fiction, Non fiction & Academic writing

NameName of Business (if separate)Email AddressWebsite (If any)Nature of editing services offeredAny preferred types of writing (academic / legal / fiction / Narrative non-fiction etc.)Any non-editing services offered?Work Experience
Akanksha Purohitpuroaaks@gmail.comStructural Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingI prefer fiction and narrative, but have been writing technical, web and marketing content for bread and butter.Ghost writing, Beta Reading, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitchLess than 2 years
Ganesh VancheeswaranI run it in my name. thewholehog@gmail.comWebsite: www.ganeshv.com Could you please include my LinkedIn profile also, because that's where the details of my editing work and client recommendations are? https://www.linkedin.com/in/ganesh-vancheeswaran-communicationspecialist/ Structural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingAll fiction & non-fiction, including anthologies, essays and business/professional books. Ghost writing, Beta Reading, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitch, Coaching on book writing2-5 years
Samarpita Mukherjee SharmaCover To Cover Writing Studiosharma050309@gmail.comwww.samarpita.inStructural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental Editingfiction, self-help, memoirsCover design, Ghost writing, Beta Reading, Book Marketing, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitch, author website, logo design10-15 years
Venkataraman AnantharamanThe Art of Copyeditingavenkat1964@gmail.comhttps://theartofcopyediting.com/Structural Editing, Line EditingMy website with its extensive content can be a good example. It also has a blog section; I write whenever I find time. (I'm basically a one-man army, conducting webinars online, picking up corporate assignments, and also preparing to put up my courses online.)More than 15 years
Jehanara WasiEditorjehanarawasi@gmail.comStructural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-readingAcademic, literature, history, biography, visual and performing artsGhost writing, Research, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitch, Transcription, translation servicesMore than 15 years
Megha Dabralmemeghadabral@gmail.comLine Editing, Proof-readingNarrative non-fiction and academic5-10 years
Richa Kapoorkrichakapoor@gmail.comStructural EditingNon-fiction10-15 years
Priya TalwarEditor's Atelierpriyatalwar.24@gmail.comhttps://editorsatelier.comStructural Editing, Line Editing, Developmental EditingAll trade genres except science fiction, fantasy fiction, and poetry. Ghost writing, Research, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitch, Anthology_006 is a 6 month programme with an aim to create your best anthology in just 6 months, Four by Fifty helps submit your best work in 4 months with 101 support and more!5-10 years
Gita MohanN/Adrgitamohan@gmail.comStructural Editing, Line Editing, Developmental EditingNo STM. Everything else is fine!I also teach and conduct workshops. I take on French to English translations.5-10 years
Neetu Ralhanneeturlhn@gmail.comStructural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-readingCreative non-fiction, poetry, children’s fiction, Humanities & Social SciencesBeta Reading5-10 years
Niveditaniveyarao@gmail.comProof-readingFiction2-5 years
Dagny Solserenely.rapt@gmail.comhttps://serenely.rapt.comStructural Editing, Line Editing, Developmental EditingFiction, narrative non-fiction, non-fictionBeta Reading, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitch, Author Coaching2-5 years
Inderpreet Kaur UppalEloquent Articulation inderpreetedits@gmail.comwww.inderpreetuppal.comStructural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingFiction / narrative non-fictionManuscript Appraisal5-10 years
Urbi BhaduriMaps for Lost Writersurbi07@gmail.comNo website, but an article published recently in Scroll talks about a new project I started during the pandemic: https://scroll.in/article/970811/one-writer-has-taken-an-initiative-to-help-her-peers-fight-a-creative-block-during-the-pandemicStructural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingPublications by nonprofits, fiction & non-fictionMore than 15 years
Dr Neha Neharika nehaneharika88@gmail.comStructural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingAcademic 2-5 years
Tara KhandelwalBoundtarakhandelwal489@gmail.comwww.boundindia.com, www.tarakhandelwal.comStructural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingFiction, narrative non-fiction, memoirGhost writing, Beta Reading, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitch5-10 years
NamrataKeemiya Creativeskeemiyacreatives@gmail.comhttps://keemiyacreatives.wordpress.com/Structural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental Editing1. Fiction 2. Narrative Non fiction 3. Non fictionCover design, Ghost writing, Beta Reading, Book Marketing, Research, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitch, Alpha Reading, mentoring, Tie-ups with hybrid publishing houses for discounted publishing packages 5-10 years
Manali Desai A Rustic Mind manali1988@gmail.comarusticmind.com Structural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingAllGhost writing, Beta Reading, Book Marketing, Research, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitch, Manali Desai2-5 years
Sanjay SethiMatrix Publishing Groupssethi@rootsandshoots.co.inhttps://matrixpublishers.org/Structural Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingAll genres Cover design, Ghost writing, Beta Reading, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitch, Custom PublishingMore than 15 years
MJ NeelaFreelance Editormjneela@gmail.comDevelopmental EditingFeature stories, Essays, SOP10-15 years
Asha kumari as_kum_roy@yahoo.co.inLine EditingFiction and nonfiction Copy editing 10-15 years
Arpita Pandeyarpitapandey802@gmail.comhttps://mytalesbook.wordpress.comStructural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-readingArticles,blogs, fiction,newsBeta Reading, Research, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitchLess than 2 years
Harika Bantupalli Harika.ink (As an independent operator) hello@harika.inkwww.harika.inkStructural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingFiction, narrative non fiction. Cover design, Beta Reading, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitch, Mentoring, Author Coaching, Critiquing2-5 years
DIVYA DUBEYAUTHORZ CORACLEauthorzc@gmail.comwww.authorzcoracle.comStructural Editing, Line Editing, Developmental EditingFiction, narrative non-fictionMore than 15 years
Deep DownerDD Edits Inc.deep.downer@gmail.comdeepdowner.meStructural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingFictionGhost writing, Beta Reading, Outlining5-10 years
Preeta Priyamvada preeta.edit@gmail.comLine Editing, Developmental EditingFiction, Non-fiction, AcademicGhost writing, Beta ReadingMore than 15 years
Mriga Maithelitalscanbefun@gmail.comhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/mrigamaithelStructural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingFiction, narrative non-fiction5-10 years
Nirja Sharma Aarahan Publishers emailnirja@gmail.comwww.aarahanpublishers.com Structural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingFiction/ BlogCover design, Beta Reading, FORMATTING, PRINTING 10-15 years
Srabani Bhattacharyasrabha22@gmail.comStructural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingAcademic, fiction, non-fiction, CVs, Cover Letter, SoPBeta Reading, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitch, Creating pitch deck biblesLess than 2 years
Dola Basu SinghShiuli Editing Servicesdolabsingh@gmail.comwww.shiuli.comLine Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingFiction, Narrative non-fiction.Coaching and mentoring new authors, Story consultation.5-10 years
Veena Regidi Editorregidi.veena@gmail.comNaStructural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental EditingAnuthing and everythingGhost writing5-10 years
vinita rkSoulpenradhakrishna.vinita@gmail.comStructural Editing, Line Editing, Proof-readingAcademic, FictionGhost writing, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitch2-5 years
dr.karthik tvgovt. servicedrtvkarthik@gmail.comLine Editing, Proof-reading, Developmental Editingfiction, biographies, humour,etc.Research, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitch10-15 years
Poonam Ganglanipoonamganglani@gmail.comwww.poonamganglani.comStructural Editing, Line Editing, Developmental EditingAll types of fiction and non-fictionBeta Reading, Synopsis Writing , Blurb writing and pitch, Publishing consultancy10-15 years

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What does this list contain?
  • Names of manuscript editors in India who provide editing services
  • Email ids
  • Editing Services offered – Important to analyze according to your requirements
  • Preferred Genres & Sub-genres – Crucial while deciding who can be the best editor for your manuscript
  • Any other additional services offered apart from editing – Added benefits* 
  • Number of years of experience
Points to consider while hiring the editing services of a manuscript editor
  1. Editing is charged on a per word basis and the charge varies from editor to editor. It depends on various factors ranging from the type of editing required to the experience of the editor hired for it. The usual range we discovered while working on this post was starting from .60 paise / word to Rs. 2 per word. ( As on September, 2020) Please note the charges are subject to change.
  2. You can avail all of the above editing services or any one of them depending on your requirements. The cost will vary accordingly.
  3. Any manuscript can require more than one round of editing to make it error free.
  4. If required, you can always request for references. Most of the editors are willing to share references of clients and books they have worked on in the past or any other testimonials to their work unless their confidentiality clause does not allow them to do so. Some have even mentioned these on their sites for easy access.

Other services for writers

*Apart from editing services, some of these editors also offer other services like ghost writing, beta reading, manuscript review, research etc. To give you a brief idea about these:

  • Ghost Writing – It is like hiring someone else to write your book. When the book gets published, it is still in your name and the writer (ghost in this case) walks away with the payment you have made towards writing the book. The charges are usually based on the nature of the project, research required, word count and delivery deadlines. The cost might also vary basis the experience of the writer hired for such services because that in turn, will also impact the quality of the writing.
  • Beta Reading / Manuscript Review / Manuscript appraisal / Manuscript Assessment – In simpler words, this is nothing but a review for your book, but before it is published. Usually, beta-readers are experts in specific genres and the feedback provided by them also inspects various elements of book writing along with salability of the book. Unlike editing services, these reports are charged on the total word count of the manuscript and have a slab rate instead of a per word charge.
  • Research – Whenever a writer embarks on a journey of writing a book which is backed by immense research, the research usually takes up a lot of time leaving little to almost no time for writing. That is one of the reasons why such books take years to release. That is where you can decrease some of your work load by allocating the research work to someone else while you focus solely on writing your book. The cost depends on the number of hours allocated to research.

If you are just starting out with an idea, you might want to read our Beginner’s guide to writing a novel to get more clarity. While which type of publishing to opt for can be a difficult decision to make for the question – Tradition or self publishing – in India, which is better for a first time author?  is something we hear the most. With the rise in publishing options available for writers in India, it is important to hear what a published author has to say about Amazon or Self Publishing in India.

Editing is an imperative phase of any writer’s journey to getting published. History has witnessed many a successful writer-editor teams who have gone to deliver bestsellers after bestsellers. What makes a strong writer-editor team is the ability to understand each other’s needs and wants to execute it perfectly. And this, can happen only over a period of time with lot of patience and effort from both the ends.

As Tim Foote says, “Everyone needs an editor!” and with this list, we believe it is just a matter of time for you to find a perfect editor for your manuscript.

Disclaimer: Himalayan Writing Retreat has only collated a list for the benefit of the writers/ authors. We do not have any tie-up or association with any of these editors mentioned in the list. In case you are an editor and want to be included in this list, do reach out to us. 


 Please Note: This list is dynamic and we will keep on adding to it. If you are an editor or know someone who is, and would like to be added to this list, do fill up this form.  

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  1. An excellent article to help new authors with their work. Just one shortcoming, it seems your article includes editors in the English language only. Could you include a few Hindi and other Indian language editors as well?

  2. This could have been a great article but it is not because the blog has not been edited for whatever reasons. Also, proof-reading has been listed as a type of editing, which is wrong. Proof-reading is a process that takes place after the manuscript has been typeset. The title says, “30 Manuscript Editors …,” but the list has 31 names.

    1. We intended to highlight it as one of the many services (Typesetting) taking into consideration authors who would like to opt for Amazon KDP route for publishing and hence, would skip the typesetting but need this service.

      Also, the list is dynamic as we are still adding more people to the list. Our aim to build a database of editors in India. As we keep adding people, we will keep changing the number to match it as well.

      1. Thanks for the clarification on proofreading. If the list is dynamic, the title of the blog should be changed. The aim is noble, but there should also be a screening process. My question about the blog not being edited still remains unanswered,

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