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15 Top Indian Booktubers

How many times have you been told that books and reading are going out of fashion?

From Kindle to Nooks to iBooks, ebooks where the first threat to print books. Then came the generation that loved reading few page book summaries and book reports to glean off the main lessons or the plot rather than having to read the whole books.

Now we have a generation with even shorter attention span where they’s rather scroll through Facebook and Twitter for their information consumption. Yet, books are still in demand. Books still manage to enchant readers and offer an escape from reality that no other medium can ever manage.

While there is still discussions and debates rage on about paperbacks vs hard covers and Print books vs ebooks, audio books are also slowly finding there foothold amongst the readers.

How do you keep up with the bookish news and recommendations? We have covered the list of Indian bookstagrammers and the list of Indian book bloggers previously. So, it is only fitting that we bring you a list of book tubers who cater to the bookworms.

We do have a post about who are book tubers and what they do in case the term is new to you. From new releases, to book hauls to book reviews to book recommendations – book tubers manage to whet the appetite of readers of all genres and preferences. 

Here is a list of Indian book tubers you want to check out for yourself:

Sankalpita Singh @ Book Geeks India


Helly @ The Helly Blog


Anuya & Sharin @ Books on Toast


Anmol & Samiksha @ The Bookmark


Manpreet @ Indian Booktuber


Maya @ Bookshop


Anchal @ Anchal Rani


Sonali @ The Melodramatic Bookworm


Saumya @ Saumya’s Bookstation


Meera Nair


Sneha @ The Book Junction


Chalchitra Talks @ Kitabi Cabins


Scherezade Shroff @ Sherry Shroff


Aradhana Matthews @ The Looking Glass World


Avdhoot Shekhar @ Read Travel Become


If you are an Indian Booktuber, we would love to feature you in our post. Please leave us your details in the comments section.

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