The Leonard Cohen Celebration in the Himalayas

Leonard Cohen Celebration

Leonard Cohen went off to be with Marianne in November 2016. Five years on, I think a celebration is overdue.

I, Chetan Mahajan am a Cohen fan, and I am inviting Cohen Fans to a weekend we’ll host at the Himalayan Writing Retreat.

The idea is simple.

We’ll spend three days and immerse ourselves in Cohen's art. In the beauty of his words. We’ll watch documentaries, listen to his music, and dig into the magic of his Poetry. We’ll also watch him perform, and watch others perform his songs. The celebration will be semi structured, and everyone who participates can slot in to recite Cohen's work, or you can recite imitation Cohen you may have written yourself. Or maybe share a piece of trivia or read a segment from one of his books.

When: 11-14 Nov, 2021. Five years after his reunion with Marianne.

Where: The Himalayan Writing Retreat, Satkhol Village, Distt. Nainital,  Uttarakhand - 263138. Details here. Pictures shared below are from the retreat.

Stay: Twin shared. If we get too much traffic, we may make triple-share in a room or two. If you snore loudly or talk in your sleep, we'll pitch a tent for you.

Cost: Pay what you will.

Number of people: Ideally 12 on a twin shared basis.  Maybe 1-2 more.

The Himalayan Writing Retreat

A place to fuel your imagination.

Meals in the open, in the company of white giants

Who can attend: Rabid Leonard Cohen fans 21 years or older.

If you're not a true-blue Cohen fan, skip this. No, he wont grow on you and you wont learn to love him. You'll maybe deny someone who really cares a spot.

Alcohol: No Liquor license here, and the nearest store is an hours drive. Bring your own.

How to attend : Fill the form / click the button below. We'll get in touch.

Confirmation: After you fill the form, and we've spoken, you have to book your travel and share the travel bookings. We'll then block one spot in your name.

We'll confirm on a first-come, first-served basis.

Our venue, The Quiet Place is rated 5/5 on TripAdvisor, on Google and Facebook. We also host all HWR events here.

If you are a fan of any literary figure and would like to host a similar event at our retreat, please write to us at namrata@himalayanwritingretreat.com with your ideas.