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 “To achieve more and better results, more resourcefulness is as important as more resources.” 

Tony Alessandra (Motivation Speaker and Best-selling Author)

At the Himalayan Writing Retreat, our main goal is to make you 'Write Better. Write More.'

That is our constant endeavor be it through our courses and workshops, or other initiatives like the HWR blog, book club, FDC etc. Our workshops are loved far and wide, while our blog continues to be a recommended place for all writers. 

We are also highly engaged with the local community. While we find joy in our work – in helping writers achieve success. We also find a lot of joy in supporting causes we care about.

This page is about all the work we do (apart from our workshops) - all things close to our heart - all things that  define HWR in different ways.


Explore the world of writing and publishing in India through the HWR Blog.

  • Lists of publishing houses & magazines
  • Checklists
  • Guides
  • How-tos

You have a question, we have the answer.

Love books or have written one?

The Himalayan Book Club is for you.

As a book-lover you can get new titles to read (some even before release!) and and as an author you might just find your next reader here.

Himalayan Book Club

The Himalayan First Draft Club is hosted 5 times a year (Feb-Apr-July-Sep-Nov). It is a month-long expedition to write, learn and discover new secrets of writing & publishing with: 

  • Weekly meet-ups
  • Meet-the-Author sessions
  • Discussions with like-minded writers 

Next session is happening in February 2022.

We at the Himalayan Writing Retreat support physical bookstores. We do this because we love them. Because we think life would be incomplete without them. We’re seeking the help of like-minded folks to help us put together a list of the stores we love.  

Please support the physical bookstores in India by helping us profile them. 

Join us as we #Stepup4bookstores in India.


We are highly engaged with the local community and support two causes through two organizations as a part of our Community Work.

  1. The cause of fear-free, experiential education – through the Chirag School
  2. The cause of Climate Change – through Alaap

Having lived in these mountains for six years, we don’t want to be the “Urban outsider” in our rural community.

We also support these causes through FDC. 

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