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HWR Online offers 5-star rated online courses (read Google reviews here) from the Himalayan Writing Retreat. These courses are live, in groups of 10-12 people, with lots of personal feedback.

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JULY 2022

Chetan Mahajan


blog and article writing course


Shankar Mony

Participant, Online Creative Writing Workshop - August 2020

Writing is a lonely endeavour - but it doesn't have to be. After struggling forever to get any direction or energy in my writing, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the three day workshop last September. It would be no exaggeration to say that Chetan and his team reinvigorated my writing (hopefully forever). I had wanted to visit them and participate in the retreat in the Himalayas, but circumstances prevented that from happening. Those three days of the workshop were among the most beneficial times I have ever had as a writer.

Chetan is a wonderful guide, patient but clear on how to stay the course and one thing I love about his sessions as well as all the blog posts on the HWR site are how well-intentioned, bs-free and helpful they actually are. There is no agenda but the furthering of one's writing progress. I have since participated in the HWR NaNoWriMo initiative in November as well as the FDC in April - I loved both initiatives and only wish now that every month was November or April!

The tireless and endlessly resourceful Namrata is a terrific foil to Chetan, as he guides us along, chai in hand, teasing us with the beautiful sight of the Himalayas just outside his door. I hope to participate in many more of their workshops and am sure I will get a huge boost from each of their sessions.

SHALINI MULLICK  //  Participant- FDC

The Himalayan writing retreat has so many offerings for writers at all stages of their journey, that it is a do not miss!!

I had read a few blogs from the Himalayan writing retreat and was looking forward to join one of their many perfectly curated workshops in the tranquil mountains. The pandemic played spoil sport though, and instead I found myself part of the Himalayan NaNoWriMo group in November 2020. It was an amazing support group for writers. A perfect blend of motivation, hand holding, guiding and buddying up ensured that , as November turned to December, meant I had my first draft and many new friends. For tweaking and revision of the manuscript I returned to the First Draft Club in April 2021. Another very fruitful month.

The Himalayan writing retreat has so many offerings for writers at all stages of their journey, that it is a do not miss!!

I look forward to the trip to the retreat at some point soon hopefully.

SHRIKANT IYER  //  Participant, Online Creative Writing Workshop - October 2020

It's totally worth the time and resources.

Best courses and workshops for writers and those who dream of publishing a book and becoming a 'published author'. Chetan Sir and his team is very professional and highly experienced when it comes to the publishing industry and this is a wonderful space to begin learning and developing skills and meeting other like minded people who have the same goals and aspirations.

They come up with cool and engaging activities for the writing community like NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month) and FDC (First Draft Club). Finally, yes, they do also have a way of come up with cool acronyms for their many initiatives and programmes.

I'd recommend all writers to experience HWR (Himalayan Writing Retreat) atleast once in their lifetime. It's totally worth the time and resources.

Online Community Work 

Ways to Promote your Book on Social Media

At the Himalayan Writing Retreat blog, we aim to answer all the writerly questions that might haunt a writer or those who want to get better at the craft of writing. Our posts are aimed at helping writers with information and insight. Be it how to write a novel or where to publish your work, we try to answer all these questions in our blog.

We have always strived to bring the best of writing advice and information to our audience through our workshops and now, through our blog posts, we continue it further.

Rough. Unclear. Full of mistakes. Terrible. The first draft can be all this and still be of value. The first draft of your book is one step closer towards your dream of becoming a published author.

This idea led to the Himalayan First Draft Club.

The focus of this group is to make writing a habit. You will discover fellow-writers who dabble in the same genre. You might also find valuable critiques for your writing.

As a member, you have a chance to interact with some of your favourite authors apart from finding writing buddies who could be dabbling in the same genres as yours. You never know, you might end up creating a writer's group in your own city after discovering fellow writers around you. 

At the Himalayan Writing Retreat, writing and reading are our first true loves. The Himalayan Book Club is an extension of that love.

The Himalayan Book Club helps writers have their books discovered. The Himalayan Book Club tries to bridge the gap between the reader and the author.  

We invite book-lovers to be a part of this club where they can read books (some even before they are released!) and review them. We invite authors to join this club so that they can spread the word about their book among readers. 

And, we promise good books, fun interactive meet-the-author sessions and book-reading sessions. With some great opportunities to interact with like-minded readers and writers.

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