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14 Hindi Book Publishers in India


India is home to a wide range of languages and cultures. It is therefore also a land rich in the variety, volume, and quality of literature. In order to understand Indian literary traditions and understand their importance, one must acknowledge the importance of literature in regional languages.

The one crucial prerequisite for new work in any language to be popular is that it finds a supportive publishing house. It is therefore extremely important to acknowledge publishing houses that are publishing work in Indian languages.

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This article focuses on Hindi Book Publishers. While the list may not be exhaustive, it lists the most well-known publishing houses. 

List of Hindi Book Publishers in India

Prabhat Prakashan 

With a sixty-year experience in publishing pioneering works, Prabhat Prakashan is one of the leading Hindi Book publishers in India for fiction and nonfiction. The company is especially known for being the first Indian publishing house to make Hindi translations of Russian classics available at affordable rates. These included the works of Tolstoy and Chekhov. 

  • Submission Guidelines: There is a dedicated page on their website through which writers can approach the company with their idea. This initial submission includes information like the writer’s name, number, and email address. It also contains the target audience of the proposed book, a synopsis of the book under 500 words, and a personal profile under 200 words.  
  • Published authors: Deendayal Upadhyay, Dr. Archana Kumari 

Rajkamal Prakashan 

Rajkamal Prakashan is perhaps the most famous name in the world of Hindi Book Publishers. More than seven decades old, the company publishes several hundred books every year.

After merging with Radhakrishna Prakashan and Lokbharti Prakashan, two other giants in Hindi publishing, Rajkamal Prakashan emerged as the single largest company in the sector. 

  • Submission Guidelines: While no strict initial guidelines are mentioned, writers must submit their name, number, and email address, along with an initial pitch. 
  • Examples of published authors: Shivani, Manohar Shyam Joshi 

Pratham Books 

Pratham Books is a nonprofit publisher largely focused on publishing high-quality creative literature for children. They are trying to fix the education deficit across the country through books and other programs. 

  • Submission Guidelines: At Pratham books, all submissions must have the following qualities. They must be original and engaging, have an Indian setting, and have an interesting plot and characters. They must also reflect the diversity and can be fiction, non-fiction, and creative nonfiction. Because Pratham caters to different age groups, the word limit of submissions depends on the proposed reading level. For level one submissions, it is 50-200 words. For level two, it is 200-500 words. 500-1000 words for level three and 1000-3000 words for level four. Submission guidelines are also available on the official website for illustrators. 
  • Examples of published authors: Kamla Bhasin, Alankrita Amaya

Rawat Publications 

Rawat Publications mainly publishes academic work, especially textbooks for higher studies in the Social Sciences. However, they also publish books in Hindi. 

  • Submission Guidelines:  At the initial stage, a proposal rather than a full manuscript is expected. The submission should have a good title, even if provisional, and two or three alternative titles. There should be a 400-word summary or abstract of the book. A sample chapter is appreciated. The proposed length of the book with chapter and word count should also be submitted. Technical details about the content should be submitted, as well as the writer’s personal information. This includes a CV and contact details. For further details on submission guidelines, click on the link provided below. 
  • Examples of authors published: Sanjay Lodha, J.P Singh 

Vani Prakashan 

Vani Prakashan is a well-established Hindi Book Publisher of new work. It is a recipient of the Swarn Kamal- the highest award in the Indian publishing world. It is recognized for its cultural and literary contributions. 

  • Submission Guidelines: Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Examples of authors published: Jayshankar, Krishna Bihari Mishra
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Garuda Books 

Garuda Prakashan publishes books in both Hindi and English. The company was launched as a project that claimed to further the narratives of Indian civilization and cast off the shackles of ‘colonized minds.’ Over the last few years, it has made a name for itself for publishing the writings of a certain school of nationalism towards this same aim. 

  • Submission Guidelines: Garuda accepts all genres, and their submission process is relatively hassle-free. In order to initiate the conversation, the writer must submit their name, contact details, and a brief message to the publisher. The process will start from there. 
  • Examples of authors published: Vivek Agnihotri, Anuradha Goyal 

New Saraswati House 

New Saraswati House is a Hindi Book Publisher that mainly deals with textbooks and other academic material for higher studies. One of its branches is dedicated to publishing educational and academic work in Hindi and other Indian languages. 

  • Submission Guidelines: To initiate the process of getting published by this company, the writer must fill in a basic information form available on the website. Details include the writer’s name, address, contact details, and a synopsis of the proposed book. The link to the same is given below. 
  • Examples of authors published: Dr. Kamla Vishwanathan 

Kitabghar Prakashan 

Founded in 1968, Kitabghar is now a well-established Hindi Book Publisher, especially in Delhi. 

  • Submission Guidelines: Manuscripts, along with the writer’s personal information, must be emailed to the publishing house. The email address is provided below. 
  • Examples of published authors: Nasira Sharma, Gyaan Chaturvedi 

Manjul Publishing House 

Based in Bhopal. Manjul publishing house is an independent publishing house. Apart from publishing original work in a range of languages, they are known for the quality translation of world literature in Indian languages. 

  • Submission Guidelines: Manuscripts/synopsis can either be emailed to manjul@manjulindia.com or sent as hardcopy to the office address. The office address is included in the link below. There are several things that must be kept in mind while submitting a manuscript. Plain white paper/document should be used, which is double spaced. For Hindi digital submissions, the file must be in PDF format. Name and contact details should be clearly written on the first page of the submission, and the synopsis should include at least three sample chapters. The writers are also advised to not send the original manuscript, since it will not be returned. 
  • Examples of authors published: Anuja Khare, Mridula Bajpai 

Purushottam Publishers 

Purushottam Publishers mainly publish academic work and textbooks. Headquartered in West Bengal, they also publish Hindi books. 

  • Examples of authors published: Dr. Subhendu Pande, Sandip Dey


Katha is an organization dedicated to encouraging a reading habits in children. They have served over 2000 slum communities and partnered with over 1500 schools across the country. 

  • Submission Guidelines: For any job with Katha, a resume and a statement of purpose of no more than a hundred words must be sent to info@katha.org. Writers can also register for the Katha Writers’ Workshop. Volunteers are also welcome.
  • Examples of authors published: Sunaina Ali

Niyogi Books

Niyogi Books publishes illustrated books, nonfiction books, fiction books, and translations. Books that have a strong connection with India and have a global appeal are preferred.

  • Submission Guidelines: A submission should have a short synopsis of no more than 750 words. It should contain two to three sample chapters, as well as the targeted readership and market potential of the proposed book. Along with the submission, a list of competing or similar books in the market should be sent in, with their publication details. The author’s CV with previously published or forthcoming work should also be submitted. For more detailed guidelines, click on the link below. 
  • Examples of authors published: Achala Moulik, Bela Lal 

Vikas Publications 

Vikas Publications is a publishing house largely focused on academic material. Distinguished professors from institutions across the country have published their books with Vikas Publications. 

  • Submission Guidelines: Writers must download the book proposal form available on the official website for the company. The filled form then has to be emailed to helpline@vikaspublishing.com. The link to the form is given below. 
  • Examples of authors published: Deepak Chawla, I M Pandey

Aakar Books

Aakar Books publishes everything from classics to textbooks to contemporary fiction. 

  • Submission Guidelines: NA 
  • Examples of authors published: Deepak Kumar, Manoranjan Jha 

Hopefully, this list allows you to better navigate the world of Hindi publishing. Best of luck! 

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