Create your own retreat holiday at the Himalayan Writing Retreat!

So you want to take a break from the city and the heat? Maybe pursue your creative project, or just take a break away from distractions in a quiet place? That’s exactly what we’re about. Creating your own retreat holiday.

We’re a small retreat. We focus on helping our guests find silence and calm far from the maddening crowds. We welcome holidays-makers and writers alike, with the one request that we respect the privacy and needs of other co-habitants – they are also seeking silence and inspiration.

The loudest noise maybe the birdsong  in the morning. Or the barking deer we often hear. We offer a homely experience, which is non-resort, and non-intrusive.  Our property is full of quiet nooks and corners, each with a little table and chair. Try them out. You never know which one will turn out to be your muse.

Curious to know how your retreat holiday will look like? Check out Who & Where to see the rooms.

Our prices range from INR 4900 (single occupancy cobb cottage) to INR 7300 (double occupancy main house room). These rates include stay, all meals, snacks and taxes. 

Please note: Rooms are subject to availability.

Type of stay

Room only

all meals


INR 4900/-

INR 6100/-


INR 4900/-

INR 7300/-

*Food prices are @1200 / person / day.  12% GST is applicable on the above.

All rooms have attached, western-style bathrooms, private sit-outs, and share the same buffet. 

Cost per night for additional guest’s stay and food (subject to availability): INR 1500/adult (12+ years), INR 750  for 5-12 year old’s. Kids below 5 years free.

Buffet mealtimes for your retreat holiday at the Quiet Place are:

  • Breakfast : 8.30 – 9.30 AM
  • Lunch : 1-2 PM
  • Soup : 7.30 PM
  • Dinner : 8-9 PM

We do ask that all guests either be vaccinated, or have an RTPCR Coronavirus test no more than 72 hours before reaching our place.

For directions on how to reach, click here.

If you are an organization looking for Custom Writing Workshops we can help you with that too!

Interested? Write to us at  or contact us on +91 7303516665.

FAQs for creating your own Writing Holiday

1. I have an infant who is 8 months old. Would you recommend this retreat to us? Do you also take care of baby food?

We don’t have any caretaking or entertainment facilities for infants. You or someone from your party will have to take care of the infant / young children. No, we do not take care of baby food. 

Because this is a writing retreat, we do not recommend bringing very young kids here, unless they are showing very early signs of writing talent.

2. Is Satkhol safe?

Yes, Satkhol is safe to travel to and to stay even for longer durations. We have had many single women stay here for weeks and they have all had very safe and enjoyable stays.

3. How is the connectivity at the Retreat?

We are actually a preferred “work from Mountains” destination. We have a very fast (100 MBPS) fiber-optic broadband connection. The wi-fi is available in all rooms of the retreat, and also in the common areas.  

Most cellphone networks are available, but there are often some dead patches. So all networks may or may not work well in all rooms. 

4. How far is the nearest ATM?

The nearest ATM is from the Bank of Baroda. It is 300 meters / a five-minute uphill walk from the Retreat. However, it has an uptime of only 70% (when the cash runs out it can take days to replenish) so it is best to carry some with you.

5. Are there any malls/grocery stores/shopping centers nearby?

There are no malls. The nearby “Kapil store” (300 meters / a five-minute uphill walk) is called the “Walmart” by local urban migrants. It is well stocked with packaged snacks, Old Hill cheese,  local NGO products like Jams, herbs, sanitary products, and toiletries, etc.

6. Are there any doctors available nearby?

The NGO-run Aarohi Hospital is 5 km from the retreat. It has equipment like an X-ray machine, an ultra-sound scanner, and a small dispensary. However, the doctor is in only 5 hours/day on weekdays.

For any major medical issues, the nearest large hospital is in Haldwani (80km / 2.5 hours drive).

If you take any particular medicines on a regular basis, we recommend you bring those with you for the entire duration of your stay.

7. I am a stickler for hygiene and cleanliness. What steps do you take to follow a basic stand of hygiene and cleanliness? Any pictures I can see.

Our staff is local. They are vaccinated. They are well-trained and are great at their jobs.  We maintain great standards for hygiene and cleanliness. We can share some videos and pictures with you on this.

8. I plan to stay for 3 months. Is it okay if I get couriers to my name here?

Our address falls in the non-serviceable category for most of the courier services. But we can definitely arrange for an alternate address in Haldwani where courier services deliver and can get it picked for you. That can a few days to any such delivery. 

Speed-post services the area, but packages take 5 days or more to reach from most places. The nearest post office is in Mukteshwar (12 km by road / 6 km if you walk). 

9. Can I plan this retreat along with my elderly parents?

Our retreat is spread out and it needs walking around to and from the room. Moreover, from the main road, it is 200 meters (3 minutes) walk to reach the retreat. 

Cars do not reach the doorstep of the Himalayan Writing Retreat. If your parents are comfortable walking around easily, you can definitely plan your retreat with them.

10. My friend is disabled. Is this place wheelchair-friendly?

No, our retreat is not wheelchair-friendly.

11. Do you cater to specific food requirements?

Yes, we can definitely cater to any specific food requirements in terms of allergies or any food restrictions. We’ve catered to people who are Gluten intolerant, Lactose intolerant, Vegan, and also with folks with specific allergies.  

12. Can I see the menu to get an idea about the kind of food offered for me to choose from?

We do not have a set menu to share. All meals are served buffet-style, and the food is mostly home-style Indian (not oily or spicy) fare with a good choice of local vegetables, paneer, etc. Non-vegetarian food is served 4 times a week. Any special requests (vegan / gluten intolerant/ food allergies) can be accommodated.

13. What are the arrangements for laundry?

We have laundry facilities available at INR 500/- per load. We can provide you with an ironing board and an iron in case needed.

14. Can I bring my pet along?

Pets are allowed at our retreat. However, we have two dogs of our own, one of whom can be a little territorial.  We allow dogs on the property subject to the following conditions:

  • No aggressive or overly hairy breeds allowed
  • Pets are not allowed on the furniture or bed. Please bring the bed/basket for the pet.
  • We do not provide any special food for pets so please bring your own food
  • Pets are not allowed in indoor common areas.
  • If other guests are there and are uncomfortable with pets, you have to keep your pet in your room. 
  • We charge a cleaning fee of INR 500/- per day per pet.

 So please check with us in advance if you intend to bring pets. 

15. What other services can I expect during my stay?

Our guests have access to our library. We provide bukharis and hot water bags in cold weather. In addition to three meals a day we also offer tea twice a day and an evening snack. All our rooms are equipped with an electric kettle and other things required to make a hot beverage (tea, coffee, and green tea) at any time. 

We also have running hot water in our bathrooms along with other modern amenities. The toilets are western. 

The local community is interesting, and rental bicycles, yoga, and baking classes can be arranged. However, these are at an extra cost, need advance notice, and are subject to availability.

16. Are there any activities that I can indulge in during my stay?

Satkhol is a small village with no traditional “touristy” activities – no mall roads / famous Temples / Lovers points within a walking distance. However, there are a few NGO-run stores in a neighbouring village, and some gorgeous dawn, and dusk views. 

You can go for long walks in the forest, read books, write, think, stare at the Himalayas the whole day, pluck some fruits (depending on the season) or make a day trip to Mukteshwar.  The Dhokaney Waterfall is also a one-hour drive by taxi.

17. Any sports or trekking activities around?

Trekking is all around as most of the surrounding areas are forested. Those with an appetite often walk to Mukteshwar (12 km round trip). 

Nainital city (2 hours by cab) has a mountaineering club. The boating on the lakes is commercial.

18. Can I cook my own food?

Guests are not allowed in our main kitchen. However, there is a kitchenette in the common living room where guests make tea / Maggi / eggs if they really want to. 

19. I want to come along with my friend and celebrate their birthday at the retreat? Can a cake be arranged for that day?

Yes, we can do that. However, we do request advance notice of at least a day because we are in a remote location.

20. I want to gift a stay to my parents/ friend and his wife/ other family members at the retreat. How will that work?

We can definitely arrange that, however, the rooms will be provided on availability. Also, we request them to encash this gift within the same calendar year.