22 Writing Groups in India

Writing Groups

Writing was a lonely profession. Every writer has to sit at her desk and write/type in isolation to ensure her dream idea turns into a book. An author lives in […]

14 Writing Courses for Kids in India

Writing Courses for Kids

Kids are born storytellers. Writing courses for kids help them master this art.   They have the unique ability to create stories out of nothing. Be it while playing blocks. […]

Audiobooks in India – A Guide for Authors


Introduction to Audiobooks in India Audiobooks in India were once a poor cousin of the physical copy. Never easily available the whole thing was rather messy to use. Not anymore. […]

16 Literary Podcasts in India

Literary Podcasts in India

Literary Podcasts in India were a discovery for me. I’ve always been interested in books and writing stuff like that. But reading has certain limitations. I can’t do it when […]

How will beta reading improve your story?

Beta Reading

With so many publishing options available at your fingertips, now you can be a published author in the blink of an eye. However, writing a book is no mean feat. […]