36 Children’s Book Illustrators in India

Children's Book Illustrators

Introduction to Children’s Book Illustrators in India Children’s books are extremely important. They are the first window for young readers into literature. They engage and encourage young minds with potent […]

50 Literary Awards in India

Literary Awards in India

Introduction to Literary Awards in India Indian writing is a complicated and massive category. It reflects the diversity of the country in terms of languages, cultures, religions, and geographies. It also […]

12 Poetry Workshops in India

Poetry Workshops

Poetry is a tricky thing to define- not quite like any other type of creative writing. That’s why it is often dismissed by people as something that ‘cannot be taught’. One […]

Read like a writer in 12 simple ways

Read like a Writer

It is a generally accepted fact that reading is one of the best ways to spend your time.  Who doesn’t love curling up around a favourite book after a hard […]

Writing as a career in India- 5 options

Writing as a Career

Introduction to writing as a career in India You love words. Writing is one of your favourite pastimes. But, as you grow older, you start to realise that there is […]

38 Writing Grants in India

Writing Grants

One of the dreams of anyone aspiring to write is that they don’t have to worry about keeping a job to pay the bills. Writing grants allows one to do […]