5 Reasons why a Blogging Workshop Scores Over Online Courses

Contributor: Praveen Malik Would you attend a blogging workshop if you are already a blogger making a decent living? Would you go 350 KM away from Delhi to the Himalayas for a blogging retreat and spend almost 5 days in a quaint place? If you had asked me these questions 2 months ago, my answer would have … Read more

A Technophobe Dinosaur goes to a Blogging Retreat

Contributor : Ruchi Chauhan It wouldn’t make sense to go for a blogging retreat when you’ve never written before, right? When you can barely even operate your laptop or smartphone ….. well, smartly. But the website had me at ‘you will leave with your blog set up and first post published’. “This is exactly what I … Read more

Why I attended an Unknown Writing Retreat

The very first home for the Himalayan Writing Retreat

Contributor : Anuj AroraI have a confession to make – I am a sucker for three things: nature, photography and a good scotch. And when I first read about the Himalayan Writing Retreat, and it seemed perfect to get me started on that political satire I had long dreamed of writing – in the company … Read more