7 steps of Content Writing

Process of Content Writing

The process of content writing is often misunderstood. Sometimes, there is an urgent request by clients to write something for them in a few hours. And most of the time, […]

How to sell your book in India

How to sell your book in India

Does ‘how to sell your book in India’ feature in your author checklist? Chances are it doesn’t. In all probability your author check-list looks something like this: Write a book […]

What does a Literary Agent do?

What does a literary agent do

Many people ask us “What does a Literary agent do? Is it any different in India?” We wanted to give real, solid advice.  So in addition to a lot of […]

Seven Ways to Earn Money through Writing in India

Earn Money through Writing

Introduction Writers write for many reasons. Writers – both seasoned and green – come to the Himalayan Writing Retreat Workshops with many aspirations and dreams. Everyone wants to be a […]