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Book Exchange

Is that Insta / Facebook Book Exchange a Scam?

Give 1 book. Get 36. Really? #BookExchange Around charitable times like Christmas, some well-meaning friend on Facebook or Instagram will share something like this:  The message turns up with the regularity of

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Best Books on Mental Health in India
Book review

10 Best Books on Mental Health in India

One cannot talk about great books on mental health without first talking about mental health. Globally mental health is a topic we often shy away from. Words like ‘depression’ and

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Best Books on Writing
Writing better

12 Best Books on Writing

The quest for best books on writing started when Pallavi Prakash Kumar ( a member of our Facebook group – Let’s Talk Writing ) asked in the group- What are

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Book review

Reading List for Pandemic Times

2020 has been, without a doubt, the most unexpected and chaotic year that any of us have experienced- and we’re only halfway through. With the world descending into chaos, countries

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Book review

Crafting a Truly Evil Villain

Book Review of “13 Steps to Evil – How to Craft a Superbad Villain” (The complete set – Textbook, and Workbook) Author – Sacha Black (This post uses the male

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