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Money and Writing

10 Secrets of Ghostwriting in India

Did you know 50%-90% of the non-fiction books in the bestsellers list have been ghostwritten? (Source: How Common are Ghostwriters? | Professional Ghost)Ghostwriting is one of the literary world’s worst-kept

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Book Cover Designers

19 Book Cover Designers in India

We all have heard the proverb: Don’t judge a book by its cover! However, the reality is a bit different. Ultimately, it’s the book cover that pushes a reader to

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Writing Groups

22 Writing Groups in India

Writing was a lonely profession. Every writer has to sit at her desk and write/type in isolation to ensure her dream idea turns into a book. An author lives in

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Literary Podcasts in India
Writing Tools

16 Literary Podcasts in India

Literary Podcasts in India were a discovery for me. I’ve always been interested in books and writing stuff like that. But reading has certain limitations. I can’t do it when

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