10 Awards For Self-Published Books in India

Self-published books

Introduction  Most awards are for traditionally published books, but now there is the hope of awards for self-published books too. Some self-published books are excellent, and deserve a platform for […]

Submissions Checklist for Writers

Checklist for Writers

Getting published is like a game of snakes and ladders. One wrong step and you could be back to square one. It is important to know what an editor is […]

The story behind Amazon Reviews in India

Amazon Reviews in India

For years, we authors have been hearing how important Amazon Reviews in India are for our books. In fact, getting reviews for a book has become a business. Reviews are […]

8 secrets of a great book proposal

Book Proposal

Introduction to a Book Proposal As every person trying to make a living by writing knows, writing is only half the battle. When it comes to getting a book published, […]

14 Hindi Book Publishers in India

Hindi Book Publishers

Introduction India is home to a wide range of languages and cultures. It is therefore also a land rich in the variety, volume, and quality of literature. In order to […]

82 Women Writers in India

Women Writers in India

India is a complex and ancient civilization with a rich and varied literary heritage. The diversity of languages within India has led to extremely diverse literary traditions. In discussions about […]

50 Literary Awards in India

Literary Awards in India

Introduction to Literary Awards in India Indian writing is a complicated and massive category. It reflects the diversity of the country in terms of languages, cultures, religions, and geographies. It also […]

18 Common English Mistake India Peoples make

Common English Mistake

That atrocious headline is intentional. It should read Common English Mistakes made by People in India OR Common English Mistakes Indians make. Wondering, why? We often make mistakes in our […]