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Book reviews can make or break a book. Your book is ready. It's recently been launched, or is very close. You want a bunch of reviews for your book as soon as it is launched. What do you do?

At the Himalayan Writing Retreat we love to support new writers. We believe your your hard work should be acknowledged and noticed.  No better place than with reviews on Amazon.in or on Goodreads.

We have started the Himalayan Book Club with this goal in mind. You, dear author, can submit your published or soon-to-be published work to us to share with our panel of reviewers. Once we have your request form, we will suggest your book to our reviewers.  If the book is not out yet, an Advance Review Copy (ARC) is also welcome. Those reviewers who find it interesting will download / order it and may review it.

Read Importance of Book Reviews to sell books in India to know why reviews are important for marketing your book.

Our reviewers are all avid readers. They may review your book on Amazon.in. They may write a review on Goodreads. Or on both. 

The cost of the book is on you. Please note we do not guarantee that all reviewers who download the book will write reviews.  

Let your book create a unique readership of its own!

Rochelle Potkar

The Himalayan Writing Retreat is one of the most vibrant communities of convergence for writers of all ink and ilk to be, breathe, and draft big and small visions. The members of the HWR Book Club were very engaged literati, who made the Meet-the-author zoom sessions all the more enriching and stimulating.

Author / Poet / Translator 

While a lot of reviews is a powerful thing, a lot of genuine reviews is the real dynamite. - Nicola Jane

*Important Disclaimers*

  1. An author will be charged INR 3000 + GST to offer their book to the Himalayan Book Club. This is irrespective of the format and the number of reviews received.
  2. We are not responsible for the ratings or reviews your book earns. We recommend that you submit your book to the club only if it is professionally done and error-free. While a reviewer may love a story, it would be a pity to get bad reviews because of avoidable errors and bad spelling and grammar. 
  3. Time taken to evaluate any book received will be 7 calendar days.
  4. We get many books on offer from authors, and we prefer to work with professional, responsive individuals. We request anyone we work with to respond within 7 calendar days. If we do not hear back from the author then that book will no longer be presented in the Book Club.
  5. Meet-the-Author sessions will be charged INR 5000/-. For an hour-long recorded session on Zoom. This will be later on uploaded on our YouTube channel. The session will be open for all and authors are free to invite people from their circles too. HWR does not guarantee any number of attendees to these sessions. 
  6. These sessions will be a conversation between the author and a member of Team HWR.
  7. HWR does not promote books on any of its social media handles. However, we will promote the Author sessions to our Book club members.
  8. We accept only 2 authors in a month for the Meet-the-Author sessions. These are on a first-come-first-served basis.

How can you join the Book Club and share your books? Simply fill up this form.

Author Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs)

  1. How can I submit my book to the Himalayan Book Club?

You can share the details of your book through this form: Authors Registration Form for reviews - Google Forms.

If your book is yet to release, you can share some excerpts from it with us at namrata@himalayanwritingretreat.com

We will evaluate your manuscript and come back to you within 2-3 weeks.

  1. What all is included in the evaluation by Team HWR?

It is only an acceptance or a rejection for the book in the Himalayan Book Club. We do not provide any other feedback on your book. 

  1. Can I request Team HWR to review my book?

We do not provide any such services. You can find professional editors and beta readers on our blog at 36 Book Editors in India for Fiction & Non fiction

  1. Will my book be hosted on your website or blog?

No, it will not be hosted on our website or blog. However, it will be added to our Goodreads profile which will reflect on the Himalayan Book Club  page of our website.

  1. Can you host a review on your website or blog? I am willing to pay for it.

We do not review books on our website/blog. Only our book club members write reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

  1. What needs to be done once the book is accepted by the Himalayan Book Club?

You need to now inform us how do you plan to offer your book to the Book Club members.

 If you are looking for verified reviews on Amazon: 

          1) Make your book free on Amazon for specific dates. We will then share those dates with the book club members and ask all of those who are interested, to download it on those dates only.

         2) Send us an Amazon gift voucher towards the book cost for all the review copies and we will give Kindle/physical copies (depending on your choice) of your book to our book club members.

If you are okay with unverified reviews on Amazon then you can share a PDF with us, preferably a watermarked copy that states Exclusive copy for Himalayan Book Club. We will share it with the interested members of our book club.

Please note: Himalayan Book Club will not dispatch physical copies from their end to the reviewers. We will also not share the addresses of the reviewers for the physical copies to be dispatched from your end.

If you wish to give out physical copies, there are two ways - One is to send us the total amount as a bank transfer/ single Amazon voucher OR send us individual Amazon vouchers for each physical copy which can be then shared with the interested reviewers.

  1. Can I send a set of physical books to you which you could dispatch further?

No, we do not send out physical books ourselves. Only through Amazon.

  1. How does it work?

With the Google form, we understand the genre, language, and other details about the book. Based on these details, we will find suitable reviewers who are interested in reading books from this genre.

Once we have a list of interested reviewers, we will request you to provide the review copies to them. The reviewers have one month to read and review your book either on Amazon. in or on Goodreads or possibly both.

  1. Can you guarantee 5-star reviews? I am willing to pay.

No, we do not guarantee five-star reviews even if you pay. We can only promise honest book reviews. They may be good reviews. Or not so good. We do not guarantee positive book reviews.

  1. Can I share my already released book?

Yes, you can. Any book released after 31st March 2021 can be submitted to our book club for review.

        11. What is an ARC? Why is it important?

An ARC, also known as an Advance Review Copy is usually used by publishing houses and authors to create a buzz about the book before its release. It is usually available 3-6 months before the release of the book. The aim of sending out ARCs is:

·        To gain professional reviews.

·        To understand the initial reactions to the book and plan the promotions accordingly.

·        To seek endorsements that can be used on the jacket of the final print edition of the book.

An ARC helps an author get reviews before the book is released. These reviews help in promoting a book on different social media platforms. The end goal is more sales of the book.

ARCs are usually only online and not printed books. 

        12. Can I choose the reviewers?

No. We will let the reviewers interested in your genre/format/language know that your book is available. They may then choose to download your book based on their preference and the blurb of your book. 

        13. Can I ask for a specific number of reviews?

No. We do not take such requests or assure any minimum number of reviews.

        14. My book is in print and also available as an eBook. Does it matter which format I offer my book?

Yes. Some 40% of our reviewers do not like to read eBooks, and prefer printed books. So offering only eBooks will reduce the number of reviews you get. For maximum reach, we suggest offering both formats.

         15. My book is not in English. Can I still submit it? 

Yes. We welcome books that are not in English. We have book reviewers who read Hindi, Bengali, Telegu, Tamil, Kannada, and Gujarati. We also have a few reviewers for Urdu, Punjabi, Sanskrit, and French. Please be aware that readers of non-English and non-Hindi books may be very small in number.

         16. What genres are accepted at the Himalayan Book Club?

We accept all genres except poetry books, religious books, or books based on religion (Fiction and Non-fiction).

         17. How much does it cost to get these reviews on Amazon.in and Goodreads?

An author will be charged INR 825 + GST to offer their book to the Himalayan Book Club. This is irrespective of the format and the number of reviews received.

        18. How long will it take for the reviews to go live?

4-6 weeks.

       19. How many reviews can I expect?

We currently have over 200 members in the Book Club. Depending on their interest we will reach out to you for review copies (subject to your book being selected) and share it with them. However, we cannot guarantee how many reviews and by when can they be expected.

     20. I also want to host a Meet-the-Author session with Team HWR. How to go about it?

Meet-the-Author sessions are chargeable and are currently available at an inaugural price of INR 5000/-.

You can either include your interest in the form or write to us separately about it to namrata@himalayanwritingretreat.com

This includes a session on Zoom which will be recorded and further shared on our YouTube channel. The session will be open to all and you can share the link/invite with everyone.

We will share a list of probable questions along with the suggested dates and time schedule (usually 2-3 weeks post our discussion) for your approval. 

Please note, Himalayan Book Club does not guarantee the number of participants in the session. 

Also note, if due to any reasons the author decides to withdraw from the session, the amount is non-refundable. In case of unavoidable circumstances, we can change the date and time twice after which Team HWR will no longer hold any sessions for the author.

      21. Where and how will Team HWR publicize my book?

Team HWR does not publicize any book received for the Himalayan Book Club. We will only share it on our Social Media handles once as the books that are available this month. If any of the members tag us in the reviews, we will retweet or share it further.

The Meet-the-Author sessions are shared in our newsletter which goes to our book club database. Apart from that, the creatives announcing sessions are also shared in our WhatsApp database. We do no other promotion from our end for your book.

Like every birth, that of a book too needs nurturing, so that the book may not just reach out, but reach out proper. That’s precisely where Himalayan Writing stepped in for my book, BLOODSTONE, Legend of the Last Engraving. HWR cradled the book and took it to a good number of readers through its book club, fetching priceless and honest reviews and ratings on the two most sought after platforms, Goodreads and Amazon. They’d also arranged for a meet-the-author session. 

My experience with HWR was one of immense warmth and ease. From the way they presented my work, their drive, passion and most importantly, their strategy towards the furthering of the book's readership, was evident!   So that explains, they indeed are passionate about taking  authors and books, whether it be reading them or writing them, to where they belong. HWR made me and my book feel belonged! 

For my next work? Yes! And a yes again, HW will definitely be its first cradle! Thank you Himalayan Writing !

Rashmi Narzary

Author of Bloodstone- Legend of the Last Engraving

Have a question which has not been answered? Feel free to write to us at namrata@himalayanwritingretreat.com   or reach out on WhatsApp at +91-73035-16665.

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