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Blogchatter 2.0 – The place to be!

The Indian blogging scene has been growing slowly but steadily over the years. Established in 2007, IndiBlogger was one of the oldest and most popular Indian Blogging communities. It brought bloggers from all niché together for events, competitions and IndiBlogger Awards. When it closed its doors back in 2019, a lot of bloggers turned to look for other communities that engaged and brought them together like IndiBlogger did. 

Having been around for the past 7 years, Blogchatter then became one of the key hubs for engagement and the feeling of community. 

Richa Singh, a veteran blogger and a young entrepreneur, is at the helm of Blogchatter. Her vision is to improve the Indian blogging ecosystem where concepts and ideas flow freely. It encourages bloggers and brands to come and work together. Says she, “It’s evident that blogging is here to stay. I think a blog is a great way for a person to build a legacy for themselves. A community like Blogchatter and a masterclass that teaches you the ins and outs of blogging is a blessing.”

Co-founder Vikas Agarwal brings in his years of experience in the corporate world to keep Blogchatter running like a well oiled machine. In doing so, the vendors are just as happy as the bloggers and the brands that they work with. He says, “I’m very happy that there are communities like the Himalayan Writing Retreat that are organizing blogging workshops. That sense of community is needed, now more than ever. Collaboration is going to take all of us to new heights.”

One of the highlights of Blogchatter is the way that they keep up with the times and keep innovating. In turn, everyone involved with them grows and gains something as well. From the weekly Twitter chats, to online literary festivals to getting the chatter build on social causes to engaging the bookworms with BookChatter, there is always some buzz on the internet.

Team Blogchatter has emerged to be one of India’s most beloved and popular blogging communities. 

Here are some of the initiatives that Blogchatter undertakes on its platform:

  • Blogchatter A to Z – Hosted every April, Blogchatter champions the international challenge in India by encouraging participants to write 26 posts through the month. The idea is to write more, read more and make friends with fellow bloggers.
  • Blogchatter Anthology – Writing can be a lonely and overwhelming exercise. Which is why this year, Blogchatter will be publishing a paperback anthology in partnership with Readomania. The anthology will contain stories from their community members who win the anthology contest.
  • Cause A Chatter – Cause A Chatter is a platform that brings together creators who are driven by the passion to create impact towards various social causes. Blogchatter’s set of curated activities and resources help give direction to this collective passion and a means to measure impact.
  • Book Chatter – Book Chatter brings together readers, books, authors and publishing on one platform. Blogchatter aims to foster a reading habit of Indian and indie authors in the community.

Blogchatter provides bloggers a platform where they can come to learn and grow together. Whether you are looking to learn about blogging, or becoming a social media influencer, or need some tools, or form a network, or monetise your blog – Blogchatter helps you in every step of the way.

And, if you are an author or a brand looking to get the word out about your product, Blogchatter offers you the largest community of Indian bloggers and influencers. They make it very easy for you to reach out to a wide audience in one go. As the team encourages creativity and innovation, you can count on them to come up with new ways to position and promote your brand.

Whether you are looking to promote your brand or whether you are a blogger looking for help or looking to level up your game – Blogchatter is the place to be.

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