Non-fiction Writers

10 Types of Non-Fiction Writers in India

Introduction Non-fiction is a vast category of writing, with endless types of writers and writing. It is an often overlooked, yet extremely important category of literature. Everything from travel writing

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Ghostwriters in India
Money and Writing

17 Ghostwriters in India

Ghostwriters are the secret-keepers of their clients. Sworn to secrecy and leading a life of anonymity, they allow their words to do the talking. In all possibility, we might not

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Poetry Workshops
Writing better

12 Poetry Workshops in India

Poetry is a tricky thing to define- not quite like any other type of creative writing. That’s why it is often dismissed by people as something that ‘cannot be taught’. One

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Free Writing Platforms
Money and Writing

8 Free Writing Platforms in India

“Writing is the hardest way of earning a living, with the possible exception of wrestling alligators.” Or so claimed Olin Miller. He had a point- writing can be a difficult job.

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Money and Writing

10 Secrets of Ghostwriting in India

Did you know 50%-90% of the non-fiction books in the bestsellers list have been ghostwritten? (Source: How Common are Ghostwriters? | Professional Ghost)Ghostwriting is one of the literary world’s worst-kept

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