Book review

When Breath Becomes Air : A lesson in Memoir

The biggest challenge in such a book is that the reader knows the end. It’s on the blurb, and in every single book review. With that critical piece gone, how do you still engage the reader? Paul does so by taking us along on his difficult journey. We live his life, share his love, joy & pain. We experience utter despair in his book – I wept more than once. His skill as a storyteller makes us his fellow traveler.

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In memory of Leonard Cohen

Contributor : Chetan MahajanOnly Cohen could write a tribute worthy of Cohen. Nobody else has his gift. His poetry made me weep, and laugh. He took the irony and the

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Self publishing can be a first choice

  “The difference between self publishing and traditional publishing “ a well-known author once told me “is the difference between masturbating and making love to someone.” That’s a bad metaphor

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