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10 Awards For Self-Published Books in India


Most awards are for traditionally published books, but now there is the hope of awards for self-published books too. Some self-published books are excellent, and deserve a platform for the recognition they should get.

After the pandemic, we have seen a huge surge in self-published books due to multiple reasons. While many people try to sign deals with traditional publishers, the competition is tough and the journey difficult.

Self-publishing offers an alternative for many authors. It removes many of the technical barriers of traditional publishing, and gives the author more creative control over every aspect of their book.

Find out more about self-publishing and what it entails here A Beginner’s Guide to Self Publishing in India.

Winning an award is a great way to get your book to stand out. It’s importance for an author cannot be overstated.

While there are many awards for traditionally published authors(You can check out the 50 Literary Awards in India), there are not many awards known for authors of self-published books.

So, we have compiled a list of awards that are specifically for self-published books. There are some major differences, though. Books for traditional awards are often entered by the publisher, not the author. There are limits to the number of entries per genre etc. The self-publishing awards (as is the nature of self publishing) mostly come with a hefty price tag.

We have not found any awards for authors of self-published books that are based in India. If you know of any such awards, please shoot an email with the details to info@himalayanwritingretreat.com to be added to this list.

Some disclaimers before we share the list:

  • Most of the awards mentioned below are international but accept entries from Indian writers except a few. We have specified which ones don’t in the response to accepted submissions.
  • Please read the submission guidelines on each of these websites clearly before submitting your work.
  • For any follow-up, status updates or to know more, please contact these award organizers directly through the link shared below their profiles.
  • Himalayan Writing Retreat has created this list for reference purposes only. We have no say in the judgment of these awards or any other process related to these awards in any manner.
  • All the awards have an entry fee for entering your work. The amounts with the currency are specified below.
  • The list is in random order. The appearance of an award does not represent their ranking in any form.

List of Awards For Self-Published Books

The Independent Publisher Book Award 

The Independent Publisher Book Award, commonly known as IPPY, has been hosted annually for more than two decades. It has over one hundred categories. 

  • Category: International 
  • Accepted Submissions: Only for North America-based writers
  • Entry Fee: $75- $95
  • Previous Winners: What It Might Feel Like to Hope by Dorene O’Brien 
  • Link: https://www.ippyawards.com/ 

The IndieReaders Discovery Award 

The IndieReaders Discovery Award is sponsored by major companies like Reedsy and  Dystel, Goderich, & Bourret LLC. While it is for independent publishing houses and authors of self-published books, this connection with major companies means that some of the authors recognized by this award get an opening into traditional publishing. 

  • Category: International 
  • Accepted Submissions: Open to all
  • Entry Fee: $149 per entry. If you are sending multiple entries in different genres, $50 applies for every category. 
  • Previous Winners: Elastic Girl by Olivia Rana 
  • Link: https://indiereader.com/the-discovery-awards/ 

The International Best Indie Book Award

This International Best Indie Book Award is known commonly as BIBA. It has twenty-six categories and accepts submissions from authors of self-published books and independent publishers the world over. 

The Next Generation Indie Book Awards

A prestigious award for independent publishers and authors of self-published books worldwide, this award is in its sixteenth year. It is presented by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group. 

  • Category: International 
  • Accepted Submissions: Open to all
  • Entry Fee: $75 for the first category, $60 for others. 
  • Some Previous Winners: The Upright Bass, Like Blueberries by Benjamin Simon 
  • Link: https://www.indiebookawards.com/ 

Foreword Book Awards 

The foreword book awards have a section dedicated to independently published books- known as the foreword INDIES. Foreword Indies Book of the Year Awards is judged by librarians and booksellers who select the best books in over fifty categories. 

  • Category: International 
  • Accepted Submissions: Open to all
  • Entry Fee: Till June 2022, the first category entry is $79, and additional categories are $59 each. From June to September, the first category is $89 and additional categories are $69 each. Post-September, the first category is for $99 while additional categories are $79 each. 
  • Some Previous Winners: Above Us the Milky Way by Fowzia Karimi
  • Link: https://www.forewordreviews.com/awards/ 
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Writer’s Digest Self Published Ebook Award

Writer’s digest has hosted its annual book competition exclusively for self-published books for more than thirty years. It is a prestigious award that often brings talented writers into the mainstream. Grand Prize winners receive $10,000 in cash as well as other perks and awards. 

The International Rubery Book Award 

The Rubery Book Reward is a highly prestigious international award for independently and self-published books. Based in the UK, it accepts entries across genres from all over the world. 

  • Category: International
  • Accepted Submissions: Open to all
  • Entry Fee: Entries after March 2022 are being considered for 2023 rather than 2022. The approximate cost per entry is $60. 
  • Some Previous Winners: Learning to Have Lost by Oz Hardwick 
  • Link: https://www.ruberybookaward.com/ 

Axiom Business Book Awards 

The Axiom Business Book Awards are one of the most prestigious international awards for business writing. Previous winners include Nobel laureates, Pulitzer prize winners, and a U.S Secretary of State. 

  • Category: International 
  • Accepted Submissions: Open to all
  • Entry Fee: NA 
  • Some Previous Winners: Culture Built My Brand by Mark Miller and Ted Vaughn 
  • Link: https://axiomawards.com/index.php 

The BookLife Prize

The BookLife Prize is a writing competition that covers fiction and non-fiction books in separate sections. Between the two, nine genres of writing are included. 

Eric Hoffer Book Award

The Eric Hoffer Book Award, named after an influential American philosopher, is a well-recognized award in the world of independent publishing. Anyone, including the author, can register and nominate a self-published book or independently published book for this award. 

  • Category: International 
  • Accepted Submissions: Open to all
  • Entry Fee: $60 for submissions sent before 14th December, $70 for submissions sent in after this date. 
  • Some Previous Winners: Signed, A Paddy by Lisa Boyle
  • Link: https://www.hofferaward.com/ 

If you know of any awards we’ve missed, please shoot an us email with the details to info@himalayanwritingretreat.com . We’ll add it to this list.

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