Top Book Marketing Companies in India

“Books aren’t toothpaste. They don’t sell by advertising” said Manu Joseph after I showed him my book. “Books sell by word of mouth. The most you can expect from book […]

The problem with vote-based writing awards

“Please do vote for my sons / sisters / spouses book, (book title).  It is an inspiring book nominated for XYZ prize. (Link to vote). Thank you so much!” Sounds […]

18 Common English Mistake India Peoples make

Common English Mistake

That atrocious headline is intentional. It should read Common English Mistakes made by People in India OR Common English Mistakes Indians make. Wondering, why? We often make mistakes in our […]

14 Writing Courses for Kids in India

Writing Courses for Kids

Kids are born storytellers. Writing courses for kids help them master this art.   They have the unique ability to create stories out of nothing. Be it while playing blocks. […]

Is that Insta / Facebook Book Exchange a Scam?

Book Exchange

Give 1 book. Get 36. Really? #BookExchange Around charitable times like Christmas, some well-meaning friend on Facebook or Instagram will share something like this: [su_quote]I’m looking for people to take […]

Kritika Pandey – This writer is an inspired activist.

Kritika Pandey

Kritika Pandey’s story “The Great Indian Tea and Snakes” was the Overall winner of the Commonwealth prize 2020. One of the Judges called it a “gut-punch”. This interview helps us understand the writer better.