• Could you please share a bit more information about the accommodation provided to our family and the associated facilities?
You will all share a room as a unit with an attached bath. We are a full-service boutique hotel and are highly rated on google. Pictures of rooms and our lounge where we eat and hold sessions are attached.  
  • While my child is in the workshop, what are the options available for the accompanying adults to utilize our time?
You can explore the local area, go for walks, read and chat with other parents. If you would like to explore, you can rent a car for 1-2 days and visit the attractions in the area like Mukteshwar (45 mins drive) to the Jageshwar temple complex (2.5 hours), etc.
  • While your website provides information on the travel and logistics to reach you, will you be able to help with some specifics of travel and logistics? We are not at all familiar with this part of India and have never visited not have any contacts and any help will be appreciated. For e.g. we may need help in arranging a trusted pickup from either Pantnagar airport or┬áKathgodam railway station.
Yes, we will help and guide you with all travel-related information. We will also help you coordinate with other people traveling for the same event.
  • What the expected weather conditions there during the workshop time?
Lows are around mid-teens and highs are in the mid-20s. we are at an altitude so the sun can be hot, but a shower can bring temperatures down. At that time there will be fruits on the trees that the kids (and you) can pluck and eat. Thie chart in the link below for Mukteshwar is the nearest published proxy (it is close by but 1000 ft higher) for our village, Satkhol. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mukteshwar#Climate
  • I have noticed the cancellation policies on your website. Due to the unpredictability and uncertainty of the pandemic situation, anything can happen and there can travel restrictions in either origin, destination, or transit during this time. So will you be considerate of that and flexible with the cancellation policies?
The Cancellation policy applies in ordinary circumstances. However, if the government bans travel/ does a lockdown / prevents interstate travel etc, then we will hold your full credit and you can apply it for any future event or even a vacation. Furthermore, if travel is permitted but you decide not to travel, then the policy will apply. All participants & parents are required to bring a negative RTPCR report, or proof they have had both shots. If the RTPCR test result is positive for anyone in your party, again, we will hold your credit for a future event.
  • Will there be an online offering of the same workshop in the coming months?
It is possible, but not a certainty. Most kids are sick of online. We find that engaging young minds are better done in a beautiful natural place. If we do an online course, it will only be if there is another travel ban.