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5 Reasons why a Blogging Workshop Scores Over Online Courses

Contributor: Praveen Malik

Would you attend a blogging workshop if you are already a blogger making a decent living? Would you go 350 KM away from Delhi to the Himalayas for a blogging retreat and spend almost 5 days in a quaint place?

If you had asked me these questions 2 months ago, my answer would have been No. I would have rather gone for an online course. But last week I went to the blogging class organized by Chetan and returned home more knowledgeable. Let me share my story with you.

My Background

I am an Educationist and a Blogger with expertise in Project Management. My blog (https://www.pmbypm.com/) is one of the top 3 blogs in its niche and has decent viewership. I have good social media presence as well.

I started my blogging journey about 8 years ago. At that time, I used to hold project management training classes. I thought I would be able to showcase my PM expertise through the blog. This would enhance my reputation in the professional world and help me garner more business.

I am happy to say that blog did increase my business and it continues to do so.

About two years ago, I started using the blog to sell project management learning products (https://www.pmbypm.com/pmp-formulas-cheat-sheet-2/). This gave me additional income which I had not perceived earlier. In fact, over last two years, I have reduced training programs to give more time to the blog.

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Why Did I Decide To Join Blogging Retreat?

Till about two months ago, I was not planning to take any blogging course. I have good blogging knowledge and my blog was doing well.

One of my dear friends wanted to start his own blog. He came across Chetan’s blogging workshop and suggested that we take up this course together. I looked and it and said yes. I thought, I would learn something new.

I am happy to say that I learned quite a few new things during the workshop. More than the learning, it has given me renewed motivation for building a much bigger brand.

The blogging workshop has immensely helped me. It should help a beginner much more.

Blogging Workshop vs. Online Course

In last few years, I have conducted many classroom workshops. I believe a class provides much better learning experience than an online course.

Online courses have their own space but a class has many advantages. Let me enumerate a few:

  • It is the most concentrated form of training. You can learn a lot within a short span of time.
  • You get dedicated attention and guidance from an Instructor. You can ask questions and clarify your doubts immediately.
  • You get an opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded individuals. This enhances the learning.
  • An interactive class environment keeps you motivated and improves the learning process.
  • You can validate your learning through practical exercises.

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Concluding Remarks

Blogging is a great means to establish a brand. It helps you to showcase your expertise, grow your business, and make some additional income. You should serious consider starting one.

What is your opinion about blogging? Are you thinking of starting a blog? Do you think it can help you or your business?

Please leave a comment.

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  1. This gives bloggers a reason to go in for a workshop or class or refresher course even if their blogs are drawing readers. It is well written as well except that towards the end the writer seems to be in a hurry to finish, leading to silly mistakes. “You should serious consider starting one.” This mars an otherwise interesting blog.

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