Month: May 2018


In memory of Leonard Cohen

Contributor : Chetan MahajanOnly Cohen could write a tribute worthy of Cohen. Nobody else has his gift. His poetry made me weep, and laugh. He took the irony and the cynicism, the wit and the sorrow – the essence of an entire life –  and captured it in a few spare, masterful lines.Read moreIn memory

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Self publishing can be a first choice

  “The difference between self publishing and traditional publishing “ a well-known author once told me “is the difference between masturbating and making love to someone.” That’s a bad metaphor being used to make the wrong point. In some circles, it is fashionable to look down at our noses at self-publishing. Just like it is

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The very first home for the Himalayan Writing Retreat
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Why I attended an Unknown Writing Retreat

Contributor : Anuj AroraI have a confession to make – I am a sucker for three things: nature, photography and a good scotch. And when I first read about the Himalayan Writing Retreat, and it seemed perfect to get me started on that political satire I had long dreamed of writing – in the company

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