Himalayan Storytelling Workshop

Native American Storyteller

Storytelling is inherent to our nature. Humans have heard and told stories for millenia before we learnt to read and write. Stories are the most persuasive tools available to us. They touch us in ways that data or information never can.

In this 3 day workshop you will learn how to craft the best stories and tell them like professionals. You will learn how to use your voice and your body and deliver a 100% storytelling experience. The storytelling sessions will be lead by Geeta Ramanujam, a world renowned storyteller. You can learn more about Geeta scroll down or click here.

This residential workshop offers the Kathalaya beginner course, but in a pristine Himalayan setting.  With a batch size of only 10, the learner gets much more personal attention.

Day 0 (4th May)

Get in anytime that day. We start the workshop with one session that evening at 5 PM.

That evening, get to know each other and share stories. A bonfire makes the perfect setting.

Day 1

First half : Introduction, listening skills, elements of storytelling.

We dig into what makes for a good story, and we understand why listening is important for a storyteller. We break a story down to its basic elements.

Second half : Pillars of storytelling, what is storytelling, expressing a story.

We work on understanding the core of storytelling, and also start practicing the various elements of telling stories.

Day 2

First Half : Voice and Voice modulation, body language and movement, Story web

You tell a story with everything you have. That includes your voice, your body, your face expressions - every part of your being. For becoming a better storyteller you have to train each of these – you train your voice, you work on your body and movements and so on.   

Second Half : Creating your own story, application of stories, presenting stories by participants

The best stories are the ones which come from inside you. And the best way to learn is to do. So in this segment you create your own story, and tell it to your fellow participants. In doing so, you apply all the principles you learnt.  

Day 3  (7th May)

You receive your hard-earned certificate. We close the retreat with all participants sharing feedback.

We end by 10.30 AM so that people needing to board the Shatabdi can make it well on time.

When: 4-7 May, 2019

Where: The Himalayan Writing Retreat, Satkhol Village. Uttarakhand - 263138. Venue Details & how to reach here.

How much : INR 32,000  (3 nights, Twin-sharing stay, food, taxes). Inspiration is free. 

How to attend : Pay 50% of the workshop fee now, and pay the balance one week before the workshop. Email any questions to chetan@himalayanwritingretreat.com . 

Only ten participants accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. Click the "Book Now" button and pay INR 16,000 to secure your spot.

Geeta Ramanujam leads this workshop.

Geeta is the founder and Executive Director of Kathalaya, India leading storytelling organization. She created the Kathalaya Trust to revive the traditional art of storytelling,

Geeta is an internationally renowned storyteller and teacher. She uses storytelling as an effective educational and cultural tool for parents, teachers, NGOs and corporate sectors both in India and abroad.

Geeta talks about how she was once shy of speaking in public, forget telling stories. But now when you see her tell a story - where she may roar like a lion or do a brilliant enactment of a little squirrel, you wonder how that could be true.  Ramanujam, who was formerly a teacher at the Valley School, bring her classroom genius and applies it to the subject of storytelling to deliver an amazing learning experience. For more details about Geeta, please see her profile on the Kathalaya website at http://kathalaya.org/about-kathalaya/

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