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When your love is a writer

A great valentines gift starts with knowing what your partner truly treasures. I came across a great example of this last year. I got an enquiry from Deepak.

“ Hi, I am writing to explore the possibilities of booking this wonderful writing workshop as a gift to my wife who has always wanted to write but does not make it a priority and is happy attending to our family needs.
I know she has a book in her and want her to write and enjoy writing something she loves.
Her second love is being in the mountains and I find this offer by your group a perfect combination of her love and passion.”

After that initial enquiry, we sent giddy conspiring emails to each other for some days. And then, on her birthday I sent his wife this email

“Subject : Happy Birthday, Writer

Dear Garima,

Happy Birthday. We have a special gift for you this birthday. It is the gift of getting back to your love for writing.

So dust off your writing notebook and wipe the cobwebs off your writing aspirations. You have a pre-reserved seat to attend an inspiring writing retreat in the Himalayas. During our writing retreats many aspiring writers gather to hone their skills. As one of these writers, you will form close bonds with the other writers and dive deep into all things writing. All this in the inspiring Himalayas.

Please visit the website to learn more about our upcoming events and choose one. I would suggest the weekend+ retreat for you.

Not all of us are blessed with spouses who truly value us, love us and care for us. You are. We cannot match a gift like that, but we are confident that your time at the Himalayan Writing Weekend+ will leave you inspired and motivated.


Chetan Mahajan



The lady wrote back, thrilled to the core. Yes, if there is one story of true love out there, this is it.

(The enquiry and the email response are unedited, cut-paste of the actual exchange. Only names have been changed for privacy).

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