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My 3 takeaways from the Himalayan Blogging Retreat


Contributor : Sumit Bansal, Participant, Himalayan Blogging & Podcasting Retreat.

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I was visiting my parents when I got an email from Indiblogger that caught my attention. It was about a Blogging retreat in the Himalayas.

Sounds so cool.. doesn’t it? It was – literally and figuratively.

I have been a full-time blogger for ~2 years, and I am always on a lookout for blogging events where I can participate. Unfortunately, there aren’t many in India. So as soon as I saw the email, I decided to join.

The retreat ended up being one of the best blogging events I have attended so far. I met great people, had

loads of fun, and learned a lot.

In this article, I want to share my three key takeaways from the Himalayan Blogging Retreat.

Take Action

How many times have you heard someone say – “I had that idea years ago”. Ideas are worthless unless you’re ready to put in the time and effort. And sometimes, it’s those first steps that are the hardest.

Since most of the participants in the retreat were aspiring bloggers, our trainers (Kiruba and Chetan) made us all write a blog post.

While this may seem like a simple task, it did wonders to the mindset of the participants. When you have done it once, you know it can be done again.

Plan for Success

While it’s important to take the first step, but it’s sticking to the plan that will make you successful.

As a part of the retreat, every participant had to create a 50-day plan (divided into five 10-day plans). The idea was to detail out activities that will take us closer to our goal. Apart from creating a sense of accountability, it also made us think beyond the next day or the next blog post. It made us think of where we want blogging/podcasting to take us.


Reach Out


Blogging has a lot of moving parts to it. You have to get a domain, set up the blog, learn some copywriting, get active on social media, track the analytics, etc.

For a beginner, it may get a bit overwhelming. When I started four years ago, I knew no bloggers and had no money to get things done from others. It took me countless hours on YouTube and a zillion searches on Google to figure out stuff. I could have saved a hell lot of time had I reached out for help.

The retreat gave us all a great opportunity to learn from our trainers and other bloggers in the group.

Instead of experimenting, we could replicate what worked for others, and if needed, reach out for help.

While these are my top three takeaways, I also picked up a lot of awesome blogging tools and techniques. I am sure whatever I have learned in the retreat will help me tremendously in my blogging career.

About Sumit Bansal: Sumit is a tech blogger and a spreadsheet geek. When he is not busy in trying to solve world problems using spreadsheets, he can be found wasting time on Netflix. He blogs at Microsoft has recognized Sumit a Most Valued Professional (MVP) for his blogging. Sumit attended the Himalayan Blogging and Podcasting Retreat in April 2017.

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